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Mifa extrusion aluminium

Precision Extrusion

Mifa specialises in the precision extrusion of magnesium and aluminium profiles. We produce fully-finished precision products with dimensional tolerances from ± 0.02 mm.

This level of aluminium extrusion precision means unprecedented possibilities. It gives designers enormous freedom in design, without the restrictions of standard specifications. As a result of this it is possible to achieve the optimum product.

Advantages of precision extrusion for the engineer

Precision extrusion has many advantages, of which the biggest is the enormous amount of freedom in construction. Asymmetrical shapes are no problem, just like varying and very thin walls. Even the most complicated constructions can be realised. And post production is rarely needed, seeing how we deliver precision. This saves polishing, cutting and other operations – and extra costs. Another advantage of aluminium is that you can go thinner than with plastic, because aluminium is stronger. It’s also light, doesn’t rust and it is good looking, with its high-tech gleaming look.
If we need to do some post production, a surface treatment or assemblage after all, we can often do those things ourselves.

Because of the Mifa precision, designers are able to ‘do their own thing’. On the drawing board they can virtually dispense with limitations or standard specifications as a result of which they have an enormous amount of design freedom and can deliver the best end results.

Knowledge, also of materials

We have been gaining knowledge and experience of all these factors for almost forty years. They allow us to achieve a great precision – and to guarantee it! Not only for common alloys like 6060, but also for 2014, 3003, 6061, 6063 and plenty of others (see the table). For magnesium alloys we have the same level of precision. The choice of alloy is important for the perfect result.

Feel free to get in touch

Our aluminium extrusion designers would very much like you to experience our precision, so please contact us and the head office will ensure you that one of our Sales Engineers will call you back! We hope to hear from you soon.

Experience it for yourself. Experience precision, experience Mifa.

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