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Through our technology, knowledge, and experience, we can produce the most complex shapes of aluminium, magnesium, and other materials. Additionally, the combination of all our in-house techniques, such as precision extrusion, machining, surface treatment, and assembly, allows us to reduce the total production time for our customers. As we produce the entire component, we also take responsibility for the delivered components. This service is provided for many customers in various markets.

Coordination of extrusion, machining, and surface treatment

Mifa has been an efficient processor of highly precise and complex components for decades. The coordination between the extrusion process, machining, and surface treatment is crucial in this regard. If the extrusion can be accurately produced from the start, significant machining time can be saved. Therefore, we recommend involving our engineers early in the development phase. Ultimately, this results in a more efficient, higher-quality, and refined profile, component, or product that can generally be produced faster and at lower costs.

Complete components for our customers

Our engineers write the software and create the molds for the CNC machines themselves. Each profile is unique and often requires a specific machining method, especially if it involves a visible surface. For this purpose, we use CAD/CAM programs such as Solid Works, Solid Edge, and Unigraphics. Mifa relieves its customers by delivering a complete component. For this, we also have special in-house techniques, including assembling, bending, brushing, belt grinding, sealing, soldering, welding, and masking.

Robotisation is implemented when large quantities of profiles and components are desired

Mifa has been investing in robotisation for several years. The first robot line was built in 2008. The robots in that line handle the loading of the machines and the manipulation of the products. Everything is then automatically measured, and the products are placed on pallets. As of 2020, there are already several robot lines, all fully designed and set up by Mifa’s R&D department.

The robot lines provide valuable data to further refine processes. Machines become self-correcting and automatically signal when a component needs replacement. All of this helps to reduce the minimum error rate even further. At Mifa, we are working towards a future where the customer’s ERP systems are linked to Mifa’s. This way, Mifa automatically knows when the customer needs new profiles, and production can be initiated immediately.

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