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At Mifa, we have been working for decades to engage in sustainable practices every day. As a leading aluminium extrusion company, we aim to continuously reduce our ecological footprint. To create shared value for all our stakeholders, sustainable entrepreneurship is fully integrated into our strategy, and we collaborate closely with our parent company, Aalberts Industries, to sustain these environmentally friendly initiatives.

Mifa Co-Engineering

How co-engineering can lead to sustainability

Our aim is to surpass the expectations of our customers. In a world of constant change and innovation, Mifa strives to stay ahead. We achieve this by providing unique solutions through co-engineering and thin-walled profiles. These solutions result in savings in both material usage and weight, ultimately extending the product’s lifespan.

In co-engineering, we collaborate closely with our customers. We ensure a thorough understanding of their needs and requirements, enabling us to work together and discover new, innovative solutions. This collaboration allows us to create sustainable answers with various benefits.

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Thin-walled profiles result in reduced CO2 emissions

We excel through our precision extrusion technology for aluminum. Leveraging our expertise and experience, we can produce remarkable profiles with thin walls and intricate geometries, all with exceptional dimensional tolerances of up to +/- 0.02 mm.

In addition to this design flexibility, our lightweight, thin-walled profiles offer substantial benefits. These advantages include lower fuel consumption during product transport and optimized material usage during production, resulting in both cost efficiency and a commendable stride towards a more sustainable world.

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”Mifa’s thin-walled profiles result in a material savings of 33%.”

Calculate the CO2 emissions of your Mifa extrusion profile

Exactly as Mifa, our customers are placing a growing emphasis on sustainability. In discussions with our customers, inquiries regarding the CO2 emissions linked to the production of their products at Mifa are gaining increased prominence.

Working closely with our engineers, we’ve created a specialized tool for the life cycle analysis (LCA) of our aluminium extrusion profiles. This tool computes emissions and illustrates the beneficial effect of co-engineering in diminishing the CO2 footprint. For additional information or to request a calculation, please get in touch with our Sales department.

Our own impact

We protect both people and the environment through various measures, including:

  • A new sprinkler system
  • Our own waste separation facility
  • Reusing heat
  • Manufacturing thin-walled profiles
  • Using sustainable materials for packaging
  • Green energy

However, our sustainable efforts extend beyond these mentioned points. We engage in daily environmentally responsible practices with the material: aluminium. Aluminium is 95% recyclable, and an impressive 75% of all aluminium ever produced is still in use.

In the future, we plan to establish a new production line for surface treatments using a modern facility equipped with advanced water purification. By incorporating water pumps and other innovative technologies, we aim to reduce our CO2 emissions.

EcoVadis Silver - top of mind

In March 2024, Mifa Aluminium B.V. was honored to receive the silver EcoVadis award. We use EcoVadis to measure our progress in the field of sustainability and corporate social responsibility. With this wonderful certification, we belong to the top 15% of all evaluated companies. EcoVadis evaluates hundreds of thousands of companies and is the market leader in providing business sustainability assessments.

Socially responsible and vital

Sustainability at Mifa means delivering and producing all our business activities responsibly. In addition to energy consumption and waste management, Mifa also considers the vitality, safety, and health of our employees. With initiatives such as promoting cycling to work, participating in sports activities, and organizing vital theme months, we position ourselves as a vital company in the Venlo region.

We internally train our employees to become inclusive leaders; diverse teams led by inclusive leaders contribute to better governance and improved performance. At Mifa, every colleague is heard, and we take collective action. We are part of a team that makes a difference every day.

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