Mobility: innovation and quality - in one profile

Mifa Aluminium produces high-quality precision profiles for the mobility market, including the automotive industry.

The mobility market demands innovation, high precision, design freedom, and quality—values that Mifa holds in high regard. Thanks to our automated machinery, we can manufacture large quantities with high quality. We supply components for various vehicles, including passenger cars, race cars, trucks, motorcycles, and trains. Our precision extrusion profiles are used in applications such as cooling heat exchangers, interiors, suspension systems, and braking systems. Read below to learn more about why our customers rely on Mifa.

Design freedom and customized solutions

Producers in the mobility industry choose to work with Mifa because of the high level of quality and precision we can provide in our aluminium extrusion profiles. An important focus in the Automotive sector is innovation; therefore, design freedom is crucial.

The extensive knowledge and years of expertise of our engineers result in innovative solutions. For various clients in the mobility market, we have made customized proposals and devised solutions made possible by our precision extrusion capabilities. Through co-engineering, we can achieve this already in the design phase.

Thanks to precision extrusion, we offer engineers tremendous design freedom. With tolerances of +/- 0.02 mm, the possibilities are endless, and designers do not have to consider limitations or standard norms.

Alloys for the mobility market

Mifa uses various alloys of aluminium, magnesium, and other materials such as copper. With these alloys, we achieve approximately 95% of our extrusion profiles exactly according to specification. Common aluminium alloys for the automotive industry include 3003, 6061, 6082, AZ31, and 1050. Our engineers are happy to advise you on the choice of alloy.

Mifa delivers a complete package to NedTrain

Vertical integration makes Mifa unique. We can fully produce the profile in-house for many customers. With techniques such as extrusion, sawing/brushing, machining, surface treatment, and assembly, we can take full responsibility for an aluminium profile. For more than 45 years, our customers have chosen Mifa.

Even NS Train Modernization, known to Mifa as NedTrain, has been a customer for years. Mifa produces KITS for various profiles found in a train. In this case, you can read about how the collaboration has unfolded.

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Sustainability: top of mind

Aluminium has a long lifespan and remains 95% recyclable after use. It requires minimal maintenance, but at Mifa, we go a step further. We constantly consider energy consumption, waste management, vitality, safety, and the health of our employees. Specifically, Mifa has achieved the following performances:

  • Mifa saves 78% emissions with in-house production compared to others.
  • With full in-house production, Mifa saves a significant amount of CO2, a common ecological culprit: transport.
  • Mifa’s thin-walled profiles result in a material saving of 33%.

Sustainability has become a crucial topic in many sectors, including the mobility market. Reducing the ecological footprint and promoting environmentally friendly solutions are goals receiving increasing global attention. As a result, our thin-walled profiles are finding their way into mobility-related sectors. By contributing to weight savings and energy efficiency, these thin-walled aluminium profiles contribute to the transition to more sustainable mobility solutions.

Together with our partners and engineers, we have developed a specialized tool for life cycle analysis (LCA). This tool calculates emissions and demonstrates the positive impact of co-engineering on reducing the CO2 footprint. Contact us for more information

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Certifications and quality standards in the mobility market

At Mifa, we go beyond the standard quality control and assurance covered by the EN-755-9 and EN-12020-2 standards. With the special AS9100 certificate, we adhere to all rigorous quality standards for the aerospace industry, ensuring product quality in the mobility market as well.

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