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The powerful combination of Mifa and Mifa Surface Treatment

In our fourth podcast, colleagues Fons Timmermans and Jeroen van Bers discuss the unique combination of Mifa and Mifa Surface Treatment. We can provide technological support to our customers and offer complete surface treatments. We handle various processes, including mechanical, electrochemical, and galvanic surface treatments; but there’s more! Listen to our podcast to learn more about all the processes and developments at Mifa Surface Treatment.

The adventures of Hans Niessen and Theo Jansen in 45 years of Mifa

Somewhere in the late seventies, Hans walked into Mifa one Saturday morning, asking if they had any job openings. Now in 2021, he is still working there. Alongside him is Theo, who joined Mifa in the early ’80s. Four decades and hundreds of thousands of extrusion profiles later, they are part of the technical core of Mifa. One as Extrusion Technology Officer, and the other as head of the Die Correction department. In this podcast, there are many stories about then and now, the evolution of Mifa, and the future! Since everyone has only 24 hours in a day, we’ve limited the podcast to 35 minutes, but there might actually be 45 hours’ worth of beautiful stories and anecdotes.

45 years of Mifa: Collaboration leads to beautiful results and stories

The best results often arise from collaboration. In our extrusion world, it’s no different. A strong partnership with both customers and suppliers leads to the finest profiles!

We frequently collaborate with Adex Dies. Our colleague Rob Sijben previously worked at Adex Dies and has recently returned to Mifa Aluminium as an Area Sales Manager. Listen to this English-language podcast featuring Rob Sijben (formerly Marketing and Sales Director at Adex) and Rob van Oene (Managing Director of Mifa), and discover the special and robust relationship between Adex and Mifa!

More than 45 years of Mifa - colleagues Jan Zegers and Hans van Elven speak

In 2020, Mifa celebrates its 45th year. Our colleagues Jan and Hans have been working at Mifa almost from the beginning. Together, they have had the opportunity to work on exciting projects and visit various international clients. In this podcast, they share which projects have left a lasting impression and what makes Mifa so unique.

The origin of Mifa - founder Jan Aalberts speaking

45 years ago, Jan Aalberts founded Mifa. Aluminum precision extrusion was so unknown in the market back then that a year later, Mifa was almost bankrupt. But: what does not kill you makes you stronger. And that was certainly the case at Mifa. With the mentality of ‘perform better every day,’ Mifa evolved into a total supplier of profiles and components for various markets. Listen here to how Mr. Aalberts turned Mifa and the publicly listed company Aalberts into a success.

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