Our precision in aluminium profiles offers unprecedented possibilities. Through precision extrusion, designers have tremendous design freedom, without the limitations of standard norms. This allows you to achieve the optimal product. Precision extrusion of aluminium profiles is a perfect alternative to machining.

Aluminium extrusion companies The Netherlands

Within the Netherlands and Europe, there are no other aluminium extrusion companies that can match our precision. We have the in-house capability to fully fabricate aluminium profiles, components, and products, and we hold various certificates, such as AS9100 for the aerospace industry.

For our national and international customers, Mifa is a one-stop-shop for various techniques, including precision extrusion, machining, surface treatment, assembly, and many other processes.

Modern machine park and advanced equipment

Among all aluminium extrusion companies, Mifa is the specialist in machining aluminium profiles. In our state-of-the-art CNC-controlled machine park with over 25 CNC machines, we carry out all machining operations, even for profiles with long lengths. Through an investment program, we continuously have access to the latest technologies.

Operating in various markets

We produce aluminium profiles for various markets. As an aluminium extrusion company, we focus on businesses and markets that have high demands for quality, precision, and design freedom. Each market has its specific requirements when it comes to the development and production of custom aluminium profiles. As an aluminium extrusion company, we have extensive experience that we are eager to share with the engineers of your company. Together, we can develop the most optimal profile or component for your product.

Mifa is part of Aalberts

Mifa was founded by Mr. Aalberts. Mr. Aalberts is also the founder of the publicly traded company Aalberts, to which Mifa belongs. With a turnover of over £3.23 billion (2022), Aalberts has grown into a highly successful publicly traded company.

At Aalberts, we develop critical technologies for leading companies and industries in everyday life. These technologies strengthen our customers’ businesses and keep our planet in good condition.

As an aluminium extrusion company, Mifa is a part of Aalberts, a financially stable entity.

Sustainability: top of mind

At Mifa, we consider the environment to be of utmost importance. In addition to our ISO 14001 certification, we have implemented various initiatives to significantly reduce our ecological footprint.

There is often a misconception that aluminium extrusion companies are not sustainable due to the considerable energy required for aluminium production. However, aluminium has a lifespan of many decades, and according to The International Aluminium Institute, 75% of the aluminium ever produced is still in use. The combination of its long lifespan and recyclability makes aluminium sustainable.

As a leading aluminium company, we look beyond these aspects. We have our own recycling facility where we separate raw materials for easier recycling. Moreover, in our production facilities, we focus on reducing energy consumption.

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