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Robotisation at Mifa: innovation and robots

At Mifa, we make a difference by using robots to accelerate and automate our production processes

Mifa has been investing in robotics for many years. As early as 2008, we built the first robot line. The robots in this line handle machine loading and product handling. Everything is measured fully automatically, and products are placed on various pallets. A few years later, in 2017, a second robot line followed. This line was entirely designed and set up by our own R&D department.

The difference of robotisation

Our robots act as full-fledged assistants in our factory. They assist with loading, measuring, and organizing. However, we believe that robots do not replace humans but primarily help and support us in our work. By taking on heavier, more straightforward tasks, our colleagues can focus on other activities. For example, taking products from a pallet and placing them on a table. In the current situation, an employee takes the product from a pallet, places it on the table, deburrs it, and then puts the product in another pallet. This process can be simplified by attaching a robot to pick up the product and place it on the table. The employee only needs to perform the deburring, and the robot places the product in the other pallet. This can significantly speed up the process. The employee also doesn’t need to bend down, lift heavy products, or perform other strenuous tasks. Robotisation makes the production process more efficient and creative.

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Automated cell at Mifa

For a leading customer in the automotive market, Mifa has developed a completely new automated cell. This impressive cell consists of 8 machines in line, 4 robots, and a 100% inspection measuring station. The automated cell is not just a collection of machines; it is a composition of precision, speed, and reliability. Our integrated approach, where robots collaborate with advanced machines, results in a streamlined and stable production process. This not only leads to improved efficiency but also ensures high-quality standards.

We continually focus on the driving force behind our innovations. This automated cell not only showcases our capabilities in technological advancement but also demonstrates our commitment to delivering solutions that surpass quality standards.

The benefits of robotisation at Mifa

  1. Improved quality: Our robots ensure consistent and precise production, enabling us to guarantee high-quality aluminum extrusion products.
  2. Efficiency: Robotics at Mifa has streamlined our production process, allowing us to deliver faster without compromising on quality.
  3. Cost savings: Through robotics, we can operate more efficiently, resulting in lower labor costs and ultimately competitive prices for our customers.
  4. Flexibility: Our robots help us address complex requirements and customer-specific products, allowing us to flexibly respond to various needs.
  5. Innovation: We continually invest in new technologies, keeping us at the forefront and enabling us to provide our customers with the latest and best solutions.
  6. Added value: Through robotics, our employees can focus on tasks that require their skills, allowing them to add value in areas where robots cannot.

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