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Precision extrusion

EN-755-9 and EN-12020-2 are standard norms for the extrusion of aluminum profiles.

These standards permit deviations of plus and minus 0.15 mm or more. Mifa disregards these norms, achieving precision extrusion accurate to 0.02 mm. Unique in the world! It opens up unprecedented possibilities.

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Designing without compromises

Mifa encourages customers to think freely in the design process.

An extrusion profile may be two-dimensional, but with knowledge and a generous dose of creativity, many possibilities exist. Three-dimensional challenges can sometimes be resolved in two dimensions. Our engineers are happy to collaborate and brainstorm with you.

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Surface treatment

Hard anodizing, chemical nickel plating, chromating, painting: Mifa has all possible surface treatments in-house.

These treatments protect against corrosion, reduce wear, enhance conductivity, decrease friction, and/or improve the visual appeal of the product. Surface treatment at Mifa goes beyond the finishing touch. Surface treatment can make a significant difference.

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Magnesium Extrusion

In various markets, it’s crucial for components to be both strong and lightweight.

For example, in automotive, rehabilitation care, aviation, and machinery. Therefore, an increasing number of manufacturers are exploring the possibilities of magnesium, especially after getting acquainted with Mifa’s unique magnesium technology.

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Certainly. Automation and robotisation contribute to cost-effective production.

More importantly, for us, it results in a consistent process, delivering the same quality and a quick cycle time.

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The choice of the right aluminum or magnesium alloy is crucial for achieving the best end result.

Numerous factors come into play, with the central question being: for what purpose and in what environment will the customer use the component?

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Main office

Main entrance: Rijnaakade 6

Main entrance

Where various master classes and information sessions are being held

Finishing & Expedition

With techniques such as assembly, bending & belt grinding


With a CNC machine park comprising more than 30 machines

Surface Treatment

With surface treatments such as anodising, passivation and polymer coatings


The first step in precision extrusion: extrusion, sawing/brushing & quality


The first step in precision extrusion: extrusion, sawing/brushing & quality