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Aluminium profiles for aerospace

Aerospace aluminium alloys for every component

Mifa offers various aluminium alloys, including aerospace alloys for the aerospace industry.

In the aviation market, choosing the right aluminium alloys for aircraft plays a crucial role during production. Tailored for high strength and resilience, these alloys are the backbone of today’s aircraft designs. Each alloy possesses a diverse set of properties that vary for each end application.

Aluminium profiel

Important properties of aerospace aluminium alloys

Whether you are looking for an alloy that is highly corrosion resistant or that has the best weldability, the right choice of alloy is closely related to the end product. It is therefore important to know what properties the various alloys have. Alloys differ in various factors such as:

  • Heat resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Mechanical strength
  • Conductivity
  • Weldability

But also strength, deformability, and surface condition are important elements. In the aerospace industry, aspects such as lightweight, safety, and cosmetic appearance, as well as consistent quality, are also extremely important.

Alloy specifications

The properties of the commonly used aerospace aluminium alloys from our program are compared in the table below. The relative production speed and achievable tolerances of the different alloys are compared to the 6063 alloy.

Alloy Applications Min. Rm (Mpa) Min. Rm 0,2 (Mpa) Max. design freedom Speed Relative tolerances Solid profile Hollow profile
1050 CONDUCTIVITY 70 20 + 150 80 Y Y
3003 AUTOMOTIVE radiators 95 35 ++ 120 110 Y Y
6005A GEN. CONSTRUCTION 270 225 + 90 90 Y Y
6060 GEN. CONSTRUCTION 210 155 +++ 100 100 Y Y
6061 AEROSPACE/SPORT 260 240 + 90 90 Y Y
6063 GEN. CONSTRUCTION 230 190 +++ 100 100 Y Y
6082 STRENGTH/MARITIME 310 260 + 80 80 Y Y
7020 STRESS DEFENCE & AEROSPACE 350 290 + 25 80 Y Y
7022 STRESS DEFENSE & AEROSPACE 490 420 25 80 Y N
7075 DEFENSE & AEROSPACE 540 470 20 60 Y N

For more information about our alloys, download our whitepaper.

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Great expertise

Our engineers have broad knowledge and expertise and are more than willing to help in selecting the ideal aluminium alloy for aircraft applications. While the most common aviation alloys are 6061 and 6063, a 7020 alloy can provide extra strength where needed, such as for safety. For more information, please contact our sales department.

Lightweight aluminium profiles

Through our precision extrusion, we can create thin-walled, lightweight profiles for our customers in the aerospace industry. These thin-walled profiles provide a sustainable solution by reducing the CO2 emissions of an aircraft. Our EN AW 6061 and EN AW 6082 alloys for thin-walled extrusion profiles are an excellent example of our commitment to sustainability.

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Find out more about our alloys

Our engineers have extensive knowledge and expertise and are happy to help you choose the right aluminum alloy. The most common aerospace alloys are 6061 and 6063, but an alloy such as 7020 can provide extra strength, especially when it comes to safety aspects. For more information, please contact us.