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Mifa provides NedTrain with a complete package

Mifa contributes to the train modernization of NS, also known as NedTrain. Mifa produces KITS and delivers complete profiles.

Vertical integration makes Mifa unique. We can fully produce the profile in-house for many customers. With techniques such as extrusion, sawing/brushing, machining, surface treatment, and assembly, we can take full responsibility for an aluminium profile. For over 45 years, our customers have found their way to Mifa.

NS Train Modernization, known at Mifa as NedTrain, has also been a customer for many years. Mifa produces KITS for various profiles found in a train. In this case, you can read about how the collaboration unfolded.

Modernizing train carriages

A few years ago, NS (Nederlandse Spoorwegen) renovated their VIRM 2/3 (Verlengd InterRegio Materiaal) double-decker trains, and this renovation process is still ongoing. They are also planning to introduce the new generation: VIRM 4. While VIRM 2/3 involved 250 carriages (train sets), VIRM 4 involves 205 carriages. For VIRM 2/3, which is the focus of this case, Mifa produced and delivered 8,350 KITS for floor profiles. These profiles are extruded, CNC machined, bent, engraved, and surface-treated in-house.

The modernization of trains involves stripping down the entire train and rebuilding it from scratch. The profiles supplied by Mifa are floor profiles, mostly located under the floor and not visible or only partially visible.

The modernisation process takes place in different workstations. When a train enters NedTrain, it goes to a new workstation every two days, with each station performing different tasks. In the initial stage, the trains are mainly emptied and stripped before being rebuilt and modernised. Once all fourteen workstations are completed, the train is fully modernized and ready to return to service.

Mifa wins European tender

The project is a European tender. This means that every company has the opportunity to compete for the contract within the public domain. One of these companies was Mifa, and we are proud to announce that we have signed the contract with NedTrain. NedTrain chose Mifa based on various factors, including:

Vertical integration

Mifa is the ideal partner for NedTrain because we have all the technologies in-house to deliver these products. Since Mifa has everything in-house, NedTrain doesn’t need to search for a different partner for each treatment or technique. From extrusion to surface treatment, Mifa has a dedicated department for each technique in-house.

Part of Aalberts

Not only were the in-house techniques a reason to collaborate with us, but NedTrain also chose Mifa because we fall under the publicly listed company Aalberts. Like Mifa, Aalberts has signed the contract, providing NedTrain with a very stable partner.

Sustainability is achieved together

Both Mifa and our customer NedTrain prioritize sustainability. The modernization of existing coaches falls within the framework of sustainability, allowing coaches to be reused, and materials to be conserved.

At Mifa, we have been working for years to reduce our ecological footprint. As mentioned above, we have all the technologies in-house, enabling us to achieve sustainability throughout the entire supply chain. Sustainability is achieved by sharing knowledge, and that’s what we do with our customers. By conducting carbon footprint calculations for our customers, we can provide insights into their ecological footprint.

If you would like to learn more about sustainability or gain insights into your CO2 emissions, please contact our sales department.

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