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A new technical challenge arising from the Venloop

During an event where Mifa was a special sponsor, a client discovered the power of precision extrusion.

In early 2013, Mifa was a special sponsor of the Venloop. This event is an annual half marathon held in the Dutch city of Venlo. In addition to the half marathon course, the Venloop includes various running routes and walking tours.

Promoting vitality is a key focus of the Venloop, and that’s why we participate every year with a large group of colleagues, positioning ourselves as a vital employer.

Allma Volkmann discovers Mifa during the Venloop

Allma Volkmann had been searching for a reliable supplier for a new project for quite some time. They had compiled an extensive list of potential candidates, but none met all the requirements. These criteria included the delivery of four pieces initially, each with a length of approximately 500 mm, highly precise profiles with a tolerance of only 0.25 degrees rotation per 500 mm, excellent roughness (Ra < 1.6 µm), internal machining capabilities, and the capacity to perform surface treatment in-house.

“On a Monday morning, the manager of the Development department presented a brochure from an aluminium extrusion company from the Netherlands, specifically from Venlo. The city where the manager had participated in a running event called the ‘Venloop.’ Mifa, as a special sponsor in 2013, showcased profiles and distributed brochures there. The displayed profiles and the content of the brochure, combined with the proximity of Mifa, sparked his interest and led to the initial contact.” – Ulrich Fendel.

On that Monday morning, the first telephone conversation took place between Allma Volkmann and Mifa Aluminium. The subsequent prompt visit by a technical team to colleagues in Krefeld marked the beginning of the collaboration. The capabilities we could offer precisely met the needs of Allma Volkmann’s project. This project pushed the outer limits of Mifa’s capabilities, and the energy and drive stemming from the Venloop enabled the ordering of dies, CNC molds, and anodizing racks within just 3 weeks.




From a brochure to a machine

The project involved an optional module for a machine in the ‘Carpet Yarn’ product segment. For decades, Allma and Volkmann have been setting the standard in the production of Zwirn and Kalibier machines. As a market leader in innovation, Allma provides globally leading and energy-efficient technologies for yarn and technical threads. Volkmann is the recognized name in high-quality Zwirn and Kalibier machines.

As a provider of complete solutions, we enjoy a special reputation. Our products result from extensive knowledge and expertise spanning many generations, merging traditional wisdom with an understanding of modern technology and a vision for the industry’s future. Together with our customers, tradition and modern technology converge in a union of knowledge, quality, and reliability.

Wat Mifa uniek maakt

  • Precisie extrusie: wij bieden een nauwkeurigheid, die boven de standaardnorm gaat. Met maattoleranties vanaf +/- 0,02 mm kunnen wij ontzettend nauwkeurig produceren. Die nauwkeurigheid in aluminium profielen geeft ongekende mogelijkheden.
  • Verticale integratie: de volledige supply chain kan binnen Mifa gerealiseerd worden. Hierbij worden niet alleen kosten bespaard, maar kan consistente nauwkeurigheid en kwaliteit gegarandeerd worden.
  • Flexibele aantallen: klanten kunnen terecht bij Mifa voor eenmalige projecten, of jaren doorlopende hoeveelheden. Hierdoor kunnen er zowel kleine als grote hoeveelheden geproduceerd en besteld worden. Door bijvoorbeeld te werken met kleine hoeveelheden, kunnen nieuwe innovaties makkelijker ontwikkeld en getest worden.
  • Co-engineering: co-engineering leidt tot een optimaal resultaat. Klanten kunnen in samenwerking met onze engineers voor het maximale profijt gaan. Hierbij kan efficiëntie, hoogstaande en verfijnde profielen, en lagere productiekosten de uitkomsten van zijn

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