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Medical precision profile for new product by B|Braun

Mifa supplies precision profiles for the Perfusor® Space infusion pump by B|Braun

Precision extrusion is what makes Mifa unique. With tolerances starting from +/- 0.02 mm, we are 10 times more accurate than the standard EN12020-2 norm for aluminium extrusion prescribes. This precision provides unprecedented possibilities. For over 45 years, our customers have been finding their way to Mifa’s precision!

The engineers at B|Braun AG from Melsungen, Germany, also sought precision and co-engineering by turning to Mifa. B|Braun is a leading producer of medical and pharmaceutical equipment. With an impressive presence in 60 facilities spread across 64 countries and over 64,300 employees, B|Braun is one of the largest players in the medical sector.

B|Braun manufactures lightweight, small, customized medical equipment and solutions. These involve high-quality and cutting-edge technical solutions. One of these solutions is the infusion pumps. One of the products for which Mifa produces precision aluminium profiles is the infusion pump called Perfusor® Space.

These infusion pumps are used to administer medications and nutrition and are also employed for blood transfusions. The system consists of a large syringe that is mechanically controlled and monitored. This way, the patient receives an exact dose per unit of time.

For the next generation of B|Braun’s infusion pumps, the Spaceplus Perfusor®, the company was looking for digitization, a higher level of safety, reliability, and an extended lifespan.

Complex extrusion profiles

The challenge for Mifa lies in the precision of the profile. Due to the small and lightweight nature of the solution, it is crucial for B|Braun to have the smallest possible dimensional tolerances. With tolerances starting from ± 0.02 mm and straightness and torsion 3 times better than the EN12020-2 standard, we provided B|Braun engineers with more design freedom by pushing existing boundaries. This precision allowed us to collaboratively develop the product that the customer was looking for.

Oberflächenbehandlung von Strangpressprofilen

Surface treatment and other in-house treatments

In addition to the precision provided by Mifa, we protect the profile from external influences. With our in-house surface treatment line, we anodize the profiles. This means that we add an extra layer to the profile for protection against corrosion, for example. The customer benefits from our in-house expertise, allowing them to outsource the entire process to one partner for all profile treatments. Brushing, deburring, and machining of the profile are also carried out in-house at Mifa.

Overview of the techniques the profile has undergone:

  • Extrusion
  • CNC machining
  • Surface treatment
  • Brushing
  • Deburring

Co-engineering at Mifa Aluminium

Developing and producing precision aluminium extrusion profiles requires knowledge of the material, the process, and the possibilities. Since our precision is already present in the profile directly from the extrusion process, costly CNC (post-processing) can be partially or, if possible, entirely avoided. This provides our customers with unprecedented freedom in design, allowing multiple functions to be combined in one clever profile shape.

After extrusion, it is essential to ensure the quality of the profile, and additional processes such as surface treatment and CNC machining must be executed correctly. That’s precisely why Mifa takes full responsibility for this process, carrying out all these process steps in-house. This allows us to guarantee the highest quality, save costs, and shorten the total production time.

Simultaneously, we reduce our ecological footprint because Mifa has all the technologies in-house, from surface treatment to CNC machining. To minimize this footprint, we collaborate with our colleagues to create an innovative and sustainable working environment.

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