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Mifa extrusion aluminium

Low volume aluminium extrusions

Mifa can manufacture low volume aluminium extrusions. We supply aluminium profiles for different products in various sectors, such as the automotive and the aerospace sector and for the medical industry. Each market makes its own demands of our aluminium extrusions.

Aluminium extrusions: what makes us different?

We differentiate ourselves through our precision and customised product options. We specialise in producing custom and low volume aluminium precision extrusions, CNC machining and assembly, combined with high-quality finishing techniques. With advanced and precise production techniques, lean manufacturing procedures and state-of-the art machines, we achieve the best possible low volume aluminium extrusions for our customers.

Feel free to contact us

Our low volume aluminium extrusion manufacturers would like you to experience our precision: please contact us and the head office will ensure you that one of our Sales Engineers will call you back! We hope to hear from you soon.

Experience it for yourself. Experience the low volumealuminium extrusion precision, experience the Mifa standard.

Aluminium extrusion for aerospace components

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