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Mifa extrusion aluminium

Extrusion tolerances

Mifa is a leading aluminium profile manufacturer located in Holland. When a new extrusion profile needs to be manufactured, it often has to be produced to custom standards. That’s why Mifa’s aluminium profiles can be extruded to very precise extrusion tolerances, as well as to the accepted standard dimensional tolerances. Of course these standards should be mutually agreed upon prior to production. We supply custom aluminium profiles for different products in various sectors, such as the automotive, the aerospace sector and for the medical industry.

Extrusion tolerances: it's all about product performance

Understanding specific extrusion tolerances ensures product performance and reduces the need for additional machining. Aluminium extrusion allows for the extrusion precision needed to produce the expected fit and function.

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We would very much like you to experience our extrusion precision when it comes to producing aluminum profiles, so please contact us and the head office will ensure that one of our Sale Engineers will call you back immediately! We hope to hear from you soon.

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