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Mifa extrusion aluminium


The demand for aluminium precision products continues to grow. This growth meant that Mifa's current location became too small. ‘Fortunately, we were able to buy a production facility of over 5,000 m2 right next to us,’ says director Rob van Oene enthusiastically. ‘This was much needed, because we are now really struggling for space. Having purchased the new space, we also critically analysed our current logistics strategy. We realized that there was a lot of internal transport. To optimize logistics, we designed a new configuration for the factory that ensures that products are processed smarter and more quickly.

Do you know that magnesium can reduce the costs of running your car? As a driver, you'd probably like to reduce your fuel costs, which is quite the challenge with the rising costs of fuel. Magnesium might just be your ticket to lower fuel costs in the future. Equipping your car with magnesium parts makes your car lighter, which can save you money at the petrol pump. This is just one example of what this material can do for you. Mifa has the technology and knowledge to manufacture magnesium car components.

Etap office

ETAP Lighting (Malle, Belgium) represents people-friendly, sustainable lighting. The company succeeds in creating visual comfort through lighting for people in a work environment. ETAP reduces energy consumption to an absolute minimum. ETAP develops complete lighting solutions and also produces light fittings in-house. Through constant innovation - thanks to the R&D budget, which is approximately 6 to 7% of the company's turnover - ETAP has gained a leading position within the European lighting market. ETAP is active in eleven countries and employs approximately five hundred people.

Mifa - Special sponsor of the"Venloop"

Early 2013 Mifa was a special sponsor of the „Venloop". The „Venloop“ is a yearly returning half marathon which is held in the Dutch City of Venlo. Beside the half marathon it also organizes a 10K and 5K run.

Aluminium extrusion for aerospace components

Mifa Aerospace

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Mifa Aerospace