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SodaTASTE & Mifa Aluminium - Bright Dip

Mifa co-engineered with Bright Dip for SodaTASTE

With a unique colour anodisation for aluminium

At Mifa, colleagues possess extensive knowledge and expertise in aluminium extrusion profiles. We combine this knowledge with our customers’ expertise to create exceptional, fully finished precision products. Through co-engineering, we can merge expertise from different areas, aiming to produce a high-quality aluminium extrusion end product, save costs, and continue innovating. In collaboration with one of our partners, SodaTASTE, we successfully produced various prototype versions of pressure cylinders, applying our expertise in coloured anodization.

SodaTASTE is a dynamic company specialized in the beverage industry and soda flavours using CO2 cylinders. By using carbon dioxide, it not only imparts a natural aromatic flavour to the drink but also ensures the use of environmentally friendly biogenic CO2.

Co-engineering in the testing phase at Mifa Aluminium

SodaTASTE approached Mifa through Aalberts Surface Technology because Mifa is the only company within the Aalberts group with an in-house Bright Dip process. This dip provides a glossy clear appearance on anodized aluminium profiles and is often used in combination with blasting or grinding as a mechanical pretreatment.

Thanks to the knowledge of our engineers in aluminium extrusion, we were able to adjust multiple specifications for the prototype versions, including different colours, specific etching steps, process variations, and settings. For the testing phases, various tanks were installed in our automatic anodizing line, where, at Mifa, we can also maintain anodized layers in different colours for future projects. The possibilities for colours are limitless. The acquisition of the new colour baths was achieved through co-engineering, where the partner’s idea was combined with the knowledge and new technologies of Mifa, resulting in new innovative baths for an optimally coloured anodized aluminium extrusion product.

The post-treatment involved absorbent colouring with dye, and ultimately, the product was sealed to prevent corrosion.




Sustainability during surface treatments

At Mifa, sustainability is a top priority, and we strive to produce and deliver all our business activities responsibly every day. During the trial phase with SodaTASTE, initial tests were conducted with powder coating, where paint is melted together with the product in an oven, and bottles with powder coating cannot be recycled. Just like Mifa, SodaTASTE values sustainability, and that’s why we chose together to add an anodized layer that ensures the bottles can be recycled without any issues. This way, we always look for sustainable solutions, contributing together to a greener world.

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