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Precision extrusion contributes to the light technology of ETAP

Our precision extrusion technology has contributed to the energy-efficient light technology of ETAP.

Mifa’s precision extrusion is unique. With dimensional tolerances starting from +/- 0.02 mm, we are 10 times more accurate than the standard EN12020-2 norm for aluminium extrusion. This precision opens up unprecedented possibilities. For over 45 years, our customers have found their way to Mifa’s precision.

For instance, ETAP Lighting has blended their sustainable vision with ours, and together we’ve created human-friendly, sustainable lighting. In this case, you can read about how we chose a sustainable path through extrusion together.

Energy-efficient light technology

ETAP Lighting stands for human-friendly, sustainable lighting. They excel in creating light comfort for the working individual while minimizing energy consumption to the absolute minimum. ETAP develops complete lighting solutions and manufactures lighting fixtures themselves. By consistently innovating with an R&D budget of approximately 6 to 7% of revenue, they have secured a leading position in the European lighting market.

In recent years, LED lighting has undergone a technical and economic revolution, increasingly replacing conventional lighting sources. LED is environmentally friendly and much more energy-efficient, with a longer lifespan and higher efficiency. Conventional light sources, such as incandescent bulbs, compact fluorescent lamps, halogen, and fluorescent lighting, dissipate heat through radiation. In contrast, LED lighting must dissipate heat through conduction.

Aluminium possesses excellent thermal conductivity. Moreover, aluminium is well-suited for extrusion, providing enormous design freedom and the ability to integrate multiple functions into one intelligent profile shape. This is where the connection with Mifa was quickly established.




Co-engineering between ETAP and Mifa Aluminium

For a new model LED application, the so-called ‘D3 Downlight LED,’ engineers at ETAP had developed an extrusion profile solely based on their functional needs. Functions included housing with optimally calculated heat dissipation within the allowed installation dimensions. This concept was the rough sketch. At Mifa, we love challenges, but it quickly became apparent that it was impossible to develop a die construction stable enough to press this profile. To successfully complete the ‘D3 Downlight LED’ project, co-engineering was necessary to balance function and manufacturability at the lowest cost. After a joint technical coordination round, a compromise was found in a new profile. Additional features were also added: screw holes for mounting and ribbed cooling fins for extra cooling surface.

The collaboration and ETAP’s knowledge of lighting, combined with Mifa’s expertise in precision extrusion, led to smart solutions contributing to an optimal and energy-efficient light result for the ‘D3 Downlight LED.’ Mifa was involved from the design phase to the development of the prototype and series production.

Sustainable solutions are top of mind at Mifa

Mifa has been dedicated to reducing its ecological footprint for years. Because we have all technologies in-house, from surface treatment to CNC machining, we can achieve this throughout the entire supply chain. We collaborate with all our colleagues to create an innovative and sustainable working environment.

We not only aim for a more sustainable Mifa, but we also enjoy brainstorming with our customers. If you want to learn more about sustainability at Mifa or are curious about the possibilities within your own organization, please contact our sales department.

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