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The Max Planck Institute for Physics (MPP) is a pioneering institute that has already made a great impact in the world of electronics. Based in Germany, the Institute is fully dedicated to developments in the field of electronics, having set a world record with their 10-micron precision wire position.

Are you looking for a supplier to produce your aluminum extrusion profiles?

At Mifa we started 45 years ago with one small extrusion press. Nowadays we have several presses and a very large modern machine shop in which we manufacture fully-finished and complete products for more then 1000 customers around the world. We develop and produce aluminium extrusion profiles for customers like: Airbus, Boeing, Tesla, Siemens and many others.

Mifa has been working for a leading German microscope manufacturer for several years. Following a masterclass in precision extrusion, the client asked if we would like to help them come up with a completely new product. An attractive and functional profi le was developed in cooperation with their engineers and designers.

Dutch Railways (NS) is refurbishing its VIRM-2/3 double-decker trains. At NS Treinmodernisering (the NS train modernization facility) in Haarlem (known to MIFA as NedTrain), the company is hard at work refurbishing the famous NS double-decker trains. Together, the double-decker trains represent 242 carriages and 24,500 seats. For this project, Mifa will produce and deliver 8,350 KITS for floor profiles. We will extrude, machine-process (CNC), bend, engrave, and apply surface treatment these floor profiles in-house.

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