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Mifa extrusion aluminium

High-quality profiles thanks to aluminium machining

Mifa is the specialist when it comes to aluminium machining and magnesium profilesWe undertake every imaginable machining process in our modern CNC-controlled machine shop, which has around 25 machines. Over the years we have developed efficient machining  for very precise and complex products.

We always have access to the latest technologies thanks to our programme of continuous investment. Read more about our machining capabilities below.

Machining at Mifa

Specialist in machining

Mifa has an extensive range of modern CNC-controlled machinery. Nevertheless, we prefer to use machining work as little as possible. Thanks to the combination of precision extrusion,  CNC machining, and surface treatment, we can shorten the total production time for machining and improve the quality of the product. 

Attuning extrusion, processing, and surface treatment

Mifa has become an efficient processor of very accurate and complex products through years of experience and innovation. Our expertise and experience mean we know what works and what doesn’t. This allows us to make significant improvements to products. The harmonization between the extrusion process, the cnc machining process and the surface treatment is very important in this. If the extrusion can be directly and accurately produced, we will make considerable savings in machining time. Experience has taught us which minimum wall thicknesses are required in an extrusion profile in order to be able to machine various materials. 

A better end product thanks to machining

Extrusion, machining and surface treatment therefore go hand in hand for us. Therefore, before production begins, a thorough consultation takes place between these production departments. On occasion, the extrusion profile is modified after the consultation as this is more favourable for the processing, and ultimately gives rise to better end results. An example: a product requires a certain flatness tolerance. This cannot be achieved through extrusion, so a specific type of processing is required. For this reason, following consultation the departments decide to extrude slightly thicker wall thicknesses than specified. Processing then takes place on that profile, after which the profile has both the right wall thickness and the right flatness tolerance.  

Co-engineering leads to an optimal result

Your own designs are more than welcome to us of course. Whether it's developing or machining a profile, component or product. We deliver it to you exactly according to your wishes and specifications. But do you really want to benefit from our experience and expertise of precision extrusion, machining and surface treatment? Involve our engineers at the earliest stage. Ultimately, this results in a more efficient, high-quality and refined profile, component or product, which can usually be produced quicker and with lower costs.

Are you curious what co-engineering at Mifa can bring to you? Contact us here.

CNC Machining in-house

We write the software ourselves and make our own moulds for the CNC machining. Every profile is different and often demands a specific processing method, particularly if it is a visible surface. To this end, we use CAD/CAM programmes such as Solid Works, Solid Edge, and Unigraphics. We also develop the clamping tool ourselves too. The right clamping method is crucial in order to achieve the desired result. The best clamping method is dependent on factors including the dimensions and thickness of the profile and the processes to be implemented. It is important that as little tension as possible arises in the product; if you remove the product from the machine after machining, it should retain its form and not ‘relax’ and consequently become misshapen. 

Co-engineering, extrusion and  aluminium machining leads to a better end product

For a client, we produce housing for the control system of an aeroplane. Electrical conduction is very important in this regard; the wish was therefore to make the product from a single piece wherever possible, with as few connections as possible. The client originally made the product from bent sheeting material, then mounting many different parts. This involved a lot of manual work and assembly work – as a result of which no two products were exactly the same – and the product featured many connections. In close consultation with the structural engineers, we looked at the possibility of making the housing using a combination of extrusion and aluminium machining. This gave rise to a creative solution with three extrusion parts, which interlock precisely thanks to a dovetail joint and onto which only four separate parts are affixed. Together with the client, a stable process was developed resulting in every product being the same and the assembly time being kept to a minimum. Advantages: a better end product at reduced costs. 

Aluminium machining at Mifa

The facts about  aluminium machining at Mifa

  • Tolerances from approx. 0.01mm 
  • Machinery comprising around 25 CNC-controlled machines, partially robotized 
  • 3-axis, 4-axis, and 5-axis processing with up to 60,000 revolutions per minute  
  • Maximum dimensions: X=6500mm, Y=1000mm, Z=500mm 
  • Special profile processing machines 
  • Special Aerospace CNC machining machines
  • CAD/CAM programmes: SolidWorks, SolidEdge, Unigraphics, Catia, TopSolid, Step and IGES 
  • We write the software ourselves 
  • We develop the clamping tool ourselves 
  • Machining techniques include: milling, cutting screw threads, turning, filing, drilling, sawing, boring, zinc-plating and honing. 

Would you like more information about our CNC machining capabilities? 

For more text and explanations about our CNC and aluminium machining possibilities, please contact us. Our engineers will be happy to tell you more about our possibilities at Mifa.

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