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Mifa extrusion aluminium

Optimal product thanks to co-engineering and precision extrusion

Are you currently designing a product and looking for a partner that can help and advise you with the development of your profile, component or product? Our engineers would love to help and advise you.
Read below what they can do for you and what you may gain.

Precision extrusion

Thanks to our technology, knowledge and experience we are capable to extrude the most complex shapes in aluminium and magnesium, with a precision of ±0.02mm.  

The combination of co-engineering, precision extrusion, machining, surface treatment and in-house assembly are very important. At Mifa we have an enormous amount of knowledge and know-how of the manufacturing process.

Co-engineering leads to an optimal result

Your own designs are more than welcome to us of course. Whether it’s a profile, component or product, we deliver exactly according to your wishes and specifications. If you want maximum benefit of our experience and high level of expertise, you have to involve Mifa’s engineers at the earliest stage.

Ultimately, this results in a more efficient, high-quality and refined profile, component or product, which can usually be produced quicker and with lower costs.

Are you curious about what co-engineering at Mifa can bring to you? Feel free to contact us!

Advantages of co-engineering with Mifa

  • Take advantage of our knowledge and know-how;
  • We have experience in various markets, from the aviation industry to medical and automotive;
  • Achieve the optimal result;
  • A more refined profile or component;
  • Faster time-to-market;
  • Lower costs thanks to efficient design;
  • Single party responsibility.

Mifa, specialist in precision extrusion and aluminium alloys

Mifa is the specialist in aluminium extrusion profiles. We produce fully finished precision products with exceptional precision and dimensional tolerances from +/- 0.02 mm. This precision in aluminium profiles offers unprecedented opportunities for engineers and designers.

Advice with the right choice of materials

The choice of the right aluminium alloy is very important. The best end result can only be achieved with the right aluminium alloy. Various factors play an important part in making the right choice. A very important question is: What are you going to use the profile or component for and where?

Our engineers love to advise you about the best solution for your product. They have gained a lot of expertise about extrusions and alloys. This expertise and accumulated experience, together with the market and product expertise of our customers, ensure the right mix for offering you the best advice. We have been successful for many years at practicing co-engineering. Schedule an online session with one of our sales managers.

Mifa co-engineering. We really think together with you.

Mifa engineers love to think together with you during the design process. They possess state of the art knowledge and technology and help you with looking at all the options in terms of innovation and technology.

Whether it is about new or existing profiles, components or products. Together we ensure an optimal end product and innovative solutions while keeping the costs as low as possible.

Looking for more information?

Are you looking for knowledge of precision extrusion technology, various alloys or specific surface treatments? Our whitepapers provide you with relevant information to broaden your knowledge. 

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