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Sports & Recreation

Mifa components are in bicycles, motorbikes, skates, musical instruments, yacht fittings and scale models of trucks, amongst other things.

A very diverse market indeed. In sport, weight can make the difference between winning and losing: we can produce precision profiles made from magnesium alloys. These have the same strength properties as aluminium profiles but are a third of the weight. What is also important in this market is that we can supply miniature profiles: from just 3 gram/metre with a minimum diameter of 3 mm.

Magnesium extrusion for lightweight mobility products.

The magnesium wheelchair that Mifa developed and produced for gold medal winner Sharon Walraven is a proven success. The sports star is therefore faster, more agile and is more comfortable in her wheelchair, because magnesium absorbs shocks better than aluminum. To see 'the proof', view the short film of the magnesium wheelchair on the website The lightweight magnesium coated magnesium profiles and components can be used in sport bikes, cars, aircraft, portable electronics, etc.

Would you like to know what precision extrusion by Mifa can mean for you? Contact us here below. We are happy to help you. 

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