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Mifa extrusion aluminium

Microwave & Radar Components

A waveguide is usually the heart of a radar system. Mifa produces microwave components for leading manufacturers and related hardware throughout the world. We are one of the few manufacturers in the world that is capable of producing waveguide tubes.

Microwave radar components

Strict requirements and high quality standards for radar equipment manufacturers

The microwave & radar component market in which waveguides manufacturers are located places strict demands on the quality of the surface, the weight and the strength of the material. Thanks to Mifa's extensive range of coatings, range of magnesium and aluminum alloys and the lightweight extrusion profiles, we meet all the requirements of this market. The AS9100 (also known as EN9100) and ISO 9001 certificates that Mifa has, confirm that we meet the high quality standards set in the microwave and radar market. You can find more about our certificates here.

Important quality standards and recognized parts

Mifa therefore works according to military and ISO standards. The production of waveguide tubes for our radar customers is not only based on the strict quality standards. They also recognize excellent production areas, such as:

  1. Standard aluminium waveguide and flange stock extrusions (wide stock available)
  2. Aluminium wave-guide components
  3. Antennas to customers design

More about waveguide tubes and our flange stock program, you can find in our waveguide folder. You can download it below: 

Any desired profile for the microwave and radar market

If you have a specific wish for a profile, we can fulfil it: think of bending, finishing and assembling the product. We carry out the aforementioned techniques in our own machine park, where we design a fully optimal product.

Continuous investment programs

We continue to invest in our automated, robotic production in our own machinery. We pass by with our machines and latest technologies. For example, one of our CNC bending machines ensures that we can stretch and roll bend in both 2D and 3D. This means that Mifa can bend aluminum and magnesium profiles into any desired shape.

Mifa Surface Treatment

Mifa also has a fully automated surface production line. With this, Mifa can also take care of the entire surface treatment within one company. Our surface treatments improves components. It ensures that the profiles are protected against corrosion, among other things. 

mifa surface treatment banner 4000x200

Mifa masterclass precisie extrusie  

Met onze ervaring en kennis weten we voor ieder extrusieprofiel de juiste technologie toe te passen. Speciaal voor engineers en constructeurs organiseren we Mifa Masterclasses om deze kennis te delen. U leert tijdens deze sessie om aluminium precisie extrusie optimaal in te zetten, zodat u een beter profiel en uiteindelijk een beter eindproduct kunt ontwikkelen. 

Get in touch with us

In addition to waveguide tubes, we also make other microwave components for radar installations. Are you curious about the possibilities Mifa can offer you? Please contact us here if you have any questions.

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