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Aluminium profiles are used in many different industries and in many different products. Mifa focuses on companies that demand high standards for quality, precision and freedom in design. Each market sets its own specific requirements for our extruded profiles.

Mifa specialises in extruded aluminium and magnesium profiles.

The research and development market demands precision, flexibility and innovation.

For the defence market Mifa produces precision components for the air force, the army and the navy.

Mifa components are in bicycles, motorbikes, skates, musical instruments, yacht fittings and scale models of trucks, amongst other things.

In this market sector Mifa supplies aluminium components for, amongst other things, fire protection systems, lighting, cooling and heating.

Our components are contained in numerous pieces of audio and video equipment, cameras and optical instruments.

Mifa produces various components for analysis, measuring and control instruments.

A waveguide is usually the heart of a radar system. Mifa is one of the few manufacturers in the world that is capable of producing waveguide tubes.

Precision work and flexibility are extremely important in the electronic components market.

The automotive industry demands innovation, high accuracy, freedom of form, and quality—all of which are Mifa strengths.

Mifa has plenty of knowledge and experience in the medical equipment sector. We've been supplying various leading medical manufacturers for decades.

How can you optimize your machinery?

Precision extrusion and good surface quality are vital to the smooth operation of machinery. Precision extrusion offers many advantages.

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