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The automotive industry demands innovation, high accuracy, freedom of form, and quality, all of which are Mifa strengths. Because we have automated our production, we can produce large quantities with consistently high quality. 

We supply components for passenger cars, racing cars, trucks, and motorcycles. Our precision extrusion profiles can be found in heat exchangers for cooling, interiors, and suspension systems.

Read below why your customers in the automotive industry count on Mifa.


Design freedom and tailor-made solutions

Engineers and designers from the automotive industry choose to work with Mifa when they need aluminium extrusion profiles of very high quality and accuracy. An important focus area in the automotive sector is innovation, which is one of the reasons freedom of design is necessary. Mifa is your best partner for innovative solutions. For various customers in the automotive industry, we have already provided tailor-made proposals, and in the design phase we have come up with solutions that are only possible thanks to our precision extrusion capabilities. We do this in collaboration with our customers’ engineers and designers. We consider the common extrusion standard, deviation of up to 0.15 mm to be laughable. With our dimensional tolerances of 0.02 mm, designers in the automotive industry have enormous freedom of form.

Aluminium profiles for the automotive sector

Among other things, we produce precision extrusion profiles for motorcycles, trucks, racing cars, and passenger cars. You can find our aluminium extrusion profiles in heat exchangers, suspension systems, cooling systems, and automotive interiors. Mifa works with various manufacturers, such as:

  • KTM
  • Daimler
  • Porsche. 

Alloys for the automotive sector 

As standard, Mifa uses fourteen alloys of aluminium, magnesium, and other materials such as copper. With these fourteen alloys we are able to make approximately 95% of our extrusion profiles exactly to specification. For the automotive industry, we use alloys such as those with the following material codes: 3003, 6061, 6082, AZ31, and 1050.

Our engineers advise customers by choosing the right aluminium alloy. Read more about our alloys here

Exceptionally high precision gives design freedom 

When making aluminium and magnesium profiles many manufacturers comply with international quality standards EN-755-9 and EN-12020-2, which allow deviations of up to 0.15 mm. Mifa goes much further! With our precision extrusion, we guarantee dimensional tolerances up to +/- 0.02 mm. With this high degree of precision, much more is possible in practice when manufacturing extrusion profiles. This allows Mifa to create complex extrusion profiles without the need for a number of common finishing operations. This not only saves time and material, but also opens up new applications and possibilities for designers and engineers. With our automotive profiles, you can deliver true precision and enjoy greater design freedom. Our engineers are happy to work with you during the design process to achieve an optimum result.

Closely involved in your design phase

This requires a special mentality and different views than you might be used to from your partners. When it comes to aluminium extrusion Mifa operates at the frontier between innovative possibility and technical feasibility. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the various types of aluminium and magnesium alloys, we can offer you extrusion profiles that can effectively solve specific design problems, in ways that you as a designer or engineer may never have thought of before.

This is why we always engage with you as a very committed partner during the design phase. Of course, we understand that when you are still working on prototypes the last thing you need is a purchasing obligation for large quantities. Mifa makes it possible to purchase small extrusion production runs of just 10 kg.

Extrusion processes and related processes

Do you, as a client, have various suppliers to produce your products? Mifa can take care of it all, from precision extrusion to coating, surface treatments, bending, assembly, and brushing, all in-house. We can develop a complete product for our clients. This can save you a lot of time and money and considerably reduce the development phase of your new products.

Whitepapers and masterclasses

We invite potential clients and existing contacts in the automotive industry who have a need for more information and explanation about surface treatments, the properties of specific alloys, and the entire process of aluminium extrusion to download and study our white papers. These can be found here.

We also offer master classes in precision extrusion in English, German, and Dutch, at your location or ours. For more information:


At Mifa, quality control and quality assurance mean more than meeting the procedural requirements of quality standards such as EN-755-9 and EN-12020-2. With the special AS9100 certificate, we meet all the demanding quality standards for the aerospace industry. We also guarantee product quality and proactively discuss possible improvements in our customers' designs.

Would you like to learn more about Mifa?

Do you want to know what precision extrusion by Mifa can mean for your automotive products? Or do you have a specific question concerning precision extrusion? Feel free to contact us. Our engineers will be happy to advise you. 

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