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Mifa extrusion aluminium

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Mifa is a leading aluminium profile manufacturer located in Holland. When a new extrusion profile needs to be manufactured, it often has to be produced to custom standards. That’s why Mifa’s aluminium profiles can be extruded to very precise extrusion tolerances, as well as to the accepted standard dimensional tolerances. Of course these standards should be mutually agreed upon prior to production. We supply custom aluminium profiles for different products in various sectors, such as the automotive, the aerospace sector and for the medical industry.

Mifa specialises in producing extruded aluminium profiles. Extruded aluminium profiles are used in many different industries and in many different products. Mifa is able to extrude profiles 10 times more precise than the extrusion standard. We can meet tolerances up to ± 0,02 mm. With our innovative profile design engineering and technology, we can offer aluminium profiles of demanding shapes and sizes, profiles with a good surface finish, and press extreme thin wall thicknesses from 0,3 mm.

Mifa is a leading specialist in manufacturing high-tech custom aluminium extrusions. We supply custom aluminium profiles for different products in various sectors, such as the automotive, the aerospace sector and for the medical industry. Each market makes its own demands of our aluminium profiles.

Next to producing high quality aluminium extrusion profiles, we continuously strive to be as sustainable as possible. We reduce our ecological footprint by taking action in the field of waste management, energy consumption, vitality and health of employees.

Mifa specialises in manufacturing aluminium profiles. Mifa is part of Aalberts. This listed company is an international specialist in the field of industrial products – such as aluminium and magnesium profiles.

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