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A sustainable solution for the Aerospace industry

The aerospace industry is facing significant challenges in reducing its carbon footprint, and at Mifa, we believe that every effort counts. By offering sustainable solutions that can help reduce CO2 emissions, we strive to make a positive impact on environmental challenges. Our EN AW 6061 and EN AW 6082 alloys for thin-walled extrusion profiles are a prime example of our commitment to sustainability. These alloys not only save material and costs but also contribute to a cleaner air transport system.

Reducing CO2 emissions in the aerospace industry

The production of thin-walled extrusion profiles has several advantages for the aerospace industry. They are significantly lighter than traditional materials, reducing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Our EN AW 6061 and EN AW 6082 alloys provide excellent strength and corrosion resistance, making them perfect for aerospace applications.

The process of producing thin-walled extrusion profiles may seem similar to that of other materials, with an ingot of starting material being pressed into a mould at high temperatures. However, our alloys require a different type of mould and controlled conditions for the cylindrical ingot of starting material to flow through the mould.

At Mifa, we have made significant advancements in controlling the temperature, flow, and mould technology for our alloys. As a result, we are now able to achieve close tolerances for dimensions, torsion, and straightness at attractive prices. Our standards for torsion and straightness adhere to the extrusion standard (ASTM B221), while our dimensions adhere to the more stringent aerospace standard (EN 755-9).

Our knowledge of surface treatment and close tolerances ensure that we can produce complete components for the aerospace industry, even in small quantities. By utilizing our EN AW 6061 and EN AW 6082 alloys for thin-walled extrusion profiles, we can contribute to cleaner air transport and a reduction in CO2 emissions. We are proud to offer a sustainable and cost-effective solution that benefits both our customers and the environment.

More about sustainability

Sustainability: top of mind

Something that makes us unique is co-engineering. Our customers can rely on our years of accumulated expertise. Our goal is to exceed what customers expect from us. This way, we help the customer design the optimal functional profile with the lowest CO2 footprint. Think, for example, of alternative alloys, materials that enable savings, or reducing or even avoiding CNC post-processing due to our precision tolerances.

With our LCA Tool (Life Cycle Analysis), we can calculate the CO2 footprint during the production of our aluminum profiles. This tool has been peer-reviewed and thus complies with ISO14040 standards. This way, we can help our customers determine and reduce their ecological footprint.

Since March 2024 Mifa Aluminium B.V. has been rewarded the EcoVadis Silver medal: a testament to our innovative and sustainble efforts. EcoVadis certification not only validates our commitment to sustainability, but also drives positive impact, risk reduction, and competitive advantage.

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