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Custom aluminium extrusions

Mifa is a leading specialist in manufacturing high-tech custom aluminium extrusions. We supply custom aluminium profiles for different products in various sectors, such as the automotive, the aerospace sector and for the medical industry. Each market makes its own demands of our aluminium profiles.

What makes us different from other aluminium extrusions companies?

We differentiate ourselves through our precision and customised product options. We specialise in producing custom aluminium precision extrusions, CNC machining and assembly - combined with high-quality finishing techniques. With advanced and precise production techniques, lean manufacturing procedures and state-of-the art machines, we achieve the best possible custom aluminium extrusions for our customers.

Advantages of custom aluminium extrusions at Mifa

The custom aluminium extrusions of Mifa are all produced to meet our customers high demands. A complex shape, a maximum dimensional tolerance of ±0.02 mm or it has to be very thin-walled, Mifa excels in delivering this high-level of detail. This means that designers are offered a huge amount of freedom in the design process and have therefore no concessions.

Next to freedom in design, there are several other advantages when it comes to Mifa's extruded profiles:

  • Access to our knowlegde and experienece 
  • Cost savings compared to many production techniques
  • Possibility of coating the aluminium extrusions (corrosion resistance and wear resistance for example)
  • Tolerances from ±0.02 mm
  • Wall thicknesses from ±0.25 mm.
  • Profile weight from 0.003 kg/metre tot 10 kg/metre
  • Profile dimensions from Ø 3 mm to Ø 180 mm / 220 x 60 mm


Our custom aluminium profiles can be used for a wide variety of products in many different markets. Although the requirements for the profiles are specified by market, all of Mifa's clients expect the highest standards in both precision and freedom in design. A couple of industries that Mifa focuses on are stated below. 

See the Prototype below to get an idea of what kind of profiles we make for these demanding industries. 

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We would very much like you to experience our precision when it comes to custom aluminium extrusions, so please contact us and the head office will ensure you that one of our Sales Engineers will call you back!

Experience it for yourself. Experience custom extrusions precision, experience the Mifa standard.

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