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Mifa extrusion aluminium

Custom aluminium extrusions supplier

Mifa is a leading specialist in manufacturing high-tech custom aluminium extrusions. Our aluminium profiles are used in many different products for a wide variety of markets, such as:

As a supplier of custom profiles, all of our customers can expect the highest standards in both precision and freedom in design. We extrude a comprehensive range of standard aluminium extrusions and non-standard extrusions from ø 3mm to ø 180mm and from 0,003 kg/m to 10 kg/m.

Although the requirements for each individual profile differ from market to market, every customer can expect the highest level of quality. We can also manufacture bespoke profiles for only a small order quantity.

Advantages of our bespoke aluminium extrusion

Aluminium extrusion offers great benefits over many alternative techniques such as machining, roll forming and milling. Having your custom aluminium profiles produced by Mifa offers you several advantages.

Freedom of form in the design process

First of all, our production process offers our customers great freedom of form in the design process. Designers are offered enormous freedom of form, as a result of which they hardly need to make any concessions.

Great precision and a high level of detail

Secondly, Mifa excels in producing bespoke aluminium profiles with great precision and a high level of detail. Thanks to our state-of-the art machines we are able to produce thin-walled aluminium profiles with the most complex shapes and with a maximum dimensional tolerance of ±0.02 mm.

• Wall thicknesses from ±0.25 mm;
• Profile weight from 0.003 kg/metre tot 10 kg/metre;
• Profile dimensions from Ø 3 mm to Ø 180 mm / 220 x 60 mm.

In-house aluminium surface treatment

Besides producing custom aluminium profiles, we also offer our customers in-house surface treatments according to their wishes. Our surface treatment improves the durability of our products. We provide all kinds of treatments, including mechanical, electrochemical, and galvanic surface treatments. Additionally, we can supply polymer layers
based on powder coating, spray coating and dip coating processes. Priming and wet painting are also possible.

Surface treatment of extrusion profiles

Economically advantageous

Our efficient aluminium extrusion process offers cost savings compared with many other production techniques. The cost of an extrusion mould is relatively low.

Advantages of custom aluminium extrusion in brief

  • Freedom in design;
  • Great precision and a high level of detail;
  • Economically advantageous;
  • Low minimum order quantity;
  • Wide range of different (custom) aluminium alloys;
  • High material strength and wear resistance;
  • Co-engineering.

For more information on precision extrusion, download the whitepaper.

Aluminium alloys

In order to get the best end result, choosing the right aluminium alloy for the task at hand is vital. There are more than 530 registered aluminium alloys, so the choice can be overwhelming. At Mifa, we have the knowledge and experience to help customers choosing the right alloy for the job.

We extrude the following alloys as standard. Other alloys can be requested.

6xxx family
EN AW 6060 (Al MgSi)
EN AW 6063 (Al Mg0.7Si)
EN AW 6005A (Al SiMg(A))
EN AW 6061 (Al Mg1SiCu)
EN AW 6082 (Al SiMgMn)
EN AW 6463

7xxxx family
EN AW 7020
(Al Zn4,5Mg1)
EN AW 7022
EN AW 7075
(Al Zn5,5MgCu)

1xxx family
EN AW 1070

2xxx family
EN AW 2024
(Al Cu4SiMg1)

3xxx family
EN AW 3003 (Al Mn1Cu)

Co-engineering leads to an optimal result

At Mifa we have been successfully co-engineering with our customers for many years. Gain maximum benefit from our experience and expertise by involving our engineers in the process as early as possible.

At Mifa, we like to work closely with all of our clients. We are a committed partner throughout the whole process and provide support in the design process and in choosing the right aluminium alloys.

Ultimately, this results in a more (cost-)efficient, high-quality and refined profile.

Moreover, our customers only have to deal with one partner for the entire profile handling process. For the customer, Mifa is a true one-stop-shop. Precision extrusion, machining, surface treatment and assembly are all carried out in-house. High quality, mill finished extrusion profiles with a coating to improve durability are expertly produced by Mifa.

Advantages of co-engineering with Mifa

  • Take advantage of our knowledge and know-how;
  • We have experience in various markets from aviation to medical; automotive and machinery & equipment;
  • A more refined custom profile or component;
  • Shorter lead time;
  • Lower costs thanks to efficient design;
  • Single party responsibility.

Production employees at Mifa

Case studies on customised aluminium profiles

Read our case studies below to get an idea of the clients and projects we create our bespoke aluminium profiles for.

Miniature profiles for a cruiseship

Because Mifa produces custom profiles with high accuracy (up to ±0.02 mm), our profiles are being used in various markets. However, what might come as a surprise, is that our extrusion profiles are also being used for one of the biggest cruise ships in the world (a ship that's 331 meters long and 43 meters wide).  

Chantiers de l'Atlantique case study - Mifa

The profiles were produced for Chantiers de l'Atlantique, one of the world's largest innovative shipbuilders. Our technical engineers worked together with the engineers at Chantiers de l'Atlantique to work out an ingenious concept. Curious to learn more? Read the full case study for all details.

Medical precision profile for new product B|Braun

In another case study, Mifa developed a complex bespoke aluminium extrusion profile in collaboration with B|Braun. B|Braun produces light, small customised medical devices and solutions. Braun contacted us for the development of their next generation infusion pumps: the new Perfusor® Space.

By offering their engineers more freedom in the design process, we were able to jointly develop the product our client was looking for. This enables us to guarantee the highest quality, at a lower cost and shorter production time.

Are you currently looking for a custom aluminium extrusion supplier? We are one of the most advanced extruders worldwide. Wondering how we help our customers to reach their goals? Take a look at the other case studies for more details.

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