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A new technical challenge thanks to the Venloop

Mifa - Special sponsor of the"Venloop"

Early 2013 Mifa was a special sponsor of the „Venloop". The „Venloop“ is a yearly returning half marathon which is held in the Dutch City of Venlo. Beside the half marathon it also organizes a 10K and 5K run.

The Venloop has set it self the goal to get the youth on it’s feet. Therefore the Venloop also offers smaller distances for children in various ages. The Venloop stands for fun and a good atmosphere. Something which Mifa is very happy to connect it’s name to.

Allma Volkmann discovers Mifa during the Venloop

I was looking for a good supplier for a new project for some time. There was a detailed list of possible suppliers. However, non of the listed suppliers could live up the all the specifications within the project. (4 pieces of 500mm to start with, precise profiles (Straightness 0,25 mm on 500mm), good roughness (Ra < 1,6 µm), inhouse machining and coating)

On a monday the R&D-manager came up with a brochure of a aluminium Extruder in the Netherlands. Venlo, to be exact. The city of a big running-event. The manager had participated in the „Venloop“ the day before. The „Venloop“ (a half marathon, 5K and 10K run) is a running event organized in Venlo. When we picked up his starting number his eye fell on some profiles displayed by Mifa. As Mifa is a sponsor of the Venloop since 2013, Mifa is allowed to display it’s capabilities during the event. The profiles on display together wiht the proximity of Mifa to Allma Volkmann were enough reasons to take a brochure with him to establish contact in the near future.

This mondaymorning the fist contact between Allma and Mifa took place. The quick respond with a visit of a technical team in Krefeld was the first step of a partnership. Mifa’s capabilities were exactly what wat need to start the project. After the technical conversation the focus shifted to a second project that could be challeging for both companies. This project was moving at the far end of the technical limits of Mifa.

The speed of the Venloop gave us the drive, together with the support of Mifa, to order the extrusion tools, CNC-mold and anodizingrack within 3 weeks. But the challenge was not over with the ordering. The next challenge was accepted. This was to deliver complete products within 12 weeks. This challenge was also succesfully finished thanks to the intensive conversations between the technical departments of both. The cooperation between Allma Volkmann and Mifa can be described with the words: „short communicationlines“ and „quality“.

A cooperation and challenge that, just like the Venloop, has a clear start and finish.

Now, exactly 11 months later we are discussing part 4, 5 and 6 and the project is running and running...

Ulrich Fendel

The project:

The so called „Venloop-project“ is an optional module for a machine in the „carpet yarn-industry“.
Mifa - Special Sponsor van de Venloop Mifa - Special Sponsor van de Venloop

The customer


Competence in Twisting.

Within the Saurer Group, Allma in Kempten and Volkmann in Krefeld make up the business unit Allma Volkmann. Allma and Volkmann are the leaders in the world of twisting and cabling technology.

Being a market leader is a commitment

Allma and Volkmann have been consistently setting milestones in the production of twisting and cabling machines for decades.

As a leader in innovation, Allma provides worldwide leading and energy efficient technology for tire cord and industrial yarns. Volkmann stands for high quality twisting and cabling machines for staple fibre yarns, carpet yarns and glass filament yarns.

The global success in the market segments is based on many years of intensive cooperation with our customers. As supplier for complete solutions and overall concepts, we enjoy an excellent reputation. Our products are the result of a wide experience built over many generations, paired with today’s knowledge for the textile future. Textile tradition and up-to-date technologies merge to a symbiosis of know-how, quality and product reliability.
Volkmann Volkmann Volkmann Volkmann 4

Comprehensive service reliability

It is our target to constantly develop innovative and economically interesting products on highest level for the benefit of our customers. A technical/textile technological support in combination with high customer intimacy on the basis of our worldwide linked service organization as well as a speedy and customer focused supply with original parts are also a significant centerpiece of our core competencies.

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