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Aluminium extrusion

Are you looking for a supplier to produce your aluminum extrusion profiles?

At Mifa we started 45 years ago with one small extrusion press. Nowadays we have several presses and a very large modern machine shop in which we manufacture fully-finished and complete products for more than 1000 customers around the world. We develop and produce aluminium extrusion profiles for customers like: Airbus, Boeing, Tesla, Siemens and many others.

Extrusion: what can we promise you?

Not every aluminium supplier can or will offer you what you need. Many suppliers focus on pressing large quantities and heavy aluminium profiles. At Mifa we focus on high quality, complex aluminium extrusion profiles. For instance complex shapes, very thin-walled or a maximum dimensional tolerance of just ±0.02 mm. This is the level of detail that Mifa excels in.

We produce smart, cost-effective profiles for almost every possible application. Every day our technical specialists offer the best solutions for the profiles you need. 

Are you looking for an extrusion producer? We are happy to help you produce and engineer an optimal product. Please contact our engineers here.


Our level of precision in producing profiles means unprecedented possibilities. We are delighted to help designers and engineers to manufacture the best possible product(s). This is possible because designers don’t have the restrictions of standard specifications. As a result of this it is possible to manufacture the best profiles. Interested? Download our whitepaper precision extrusion here!

The right alloy for your extrusions

Choosing the right aluminium alloy is crucial for producing the optimal profiles. Numerous factors play a crucial role. The main question is: For what purpose are you going to use the aluminium profiles? 

Aluminium is a soft material with a rather limited strength. That’s why we use alloys rather than pure aluminium for extrusion. In other words, elements are added to the aluminium which improve its existing properties or which create new properties. We are happy to advise you about the best options for your product.

We take responsibility of extrusion, machining, and surface treatment

Mifa is happy to take on the responsibility for the entire process when developing and producing aluminium components. Our technology, knowledge, and experience enable us to produce highly complex aluminium components.

The way in which we coordinate the extrusion, processing and surface treatment is a very important aspect. When the extrusion can be produced accurately from the start, we save machining time. Experience has taught us which minimum wall thicknesses are needed for profiles when machining various materials.

Watch our short movie to learn more about Mifa and aluminium extrusion

Aluminium extrusions for particle accelerator CERN

Max Planck is a groundbreaking institution that has already made a lot of impact in the world of electronics. Max Planck makes particle accelerators for the Cern organization in Geneva: the largest particle physics laboratory in the world.

For this special project, Mifa supplies specially made for the particle accelerator. These extrusion profiles are positioned in the system of the detectors at an accuracy of 5μ.

The design requires a wall thickness of 0.4 mm in which deviations are hardly allowed. This is not feasible for most extrusion companies. In addition, the aluminum profile is very well protected against corrosion by our colleagues at Mifa Surface treatment with a Surtec treatment. Thanks to the combination of these techniques, we will produce extrusions to Max Planck for various particle accelerators over the next 5 years.

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Are you interested in our capabilities or do you need help to design the optimum profile for your product? Please contact us here and we will ensure you that one of our Engineers will call you back soon!

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