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Would you like more information on precision extrusion technology, various alloys, or specific surface treatments? These whitepapers contain relevant information to help you make innovative improvements to your profile. Below you'll find an overview of the different whitepaper categories.

Choosing the right alloys, whether aluminium or magnesium, is crucial for achieving the best end result.

Of course, automation and robotization mean cheaper production.

Mifa encourages clients to think freely in the design process.

Mifa has an extensive range of modern CNC-controlled machinery.

Components that are both strong and light are of great importance in many markets.

Extremely small gears. Sturdy connection profiles.

Cores or holes. They can be necessary for the profile’s function, or useful for reducing the weight.

Mifa prefers to deliver a complete component.

EN-755-9 and EN-12020-2 are the accepted norms for the extrusion of aluminium profiles.

Hard anodizing, electroless nickel plating, chromate conversion coating, painting: Mifa performs every type of surface treatment in-house.

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