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Vitality at Mifa: we want to be an example for others.

At Mifa Aluminium, vitality takes center stage, and the Vitality Committee plays a crucial role in this regard. Stemming from a deep commitment to the well-being of the employees, this initiative has not only achieved successes but has also enriched the company culture.

Mifa is investing in a more vital workplace for the optimal well-being of colleagues

In recent years, the importance of vitality and the well-being of colleagues has become increasingly significant in the business world. At Mifa, too, the health of employees is highly valued. In 2022, Mifa initiated a study to promote workplace vitality. Through comprehensive interviews with all departments, various insights emerged, upon which we actively respond to enhance the well-being of our employees.

Our focus areas for vitality include:

  • Fresh fruit: At Mifa, we encourage healthy eating habits by making fresh fruit available in the workplace.
  • Accessible vitality activities: We aim to make vitality activities accessible to everyone, whether they involve group activities or individual workouts. At Mifa, there is room for everyone to actively participate.
  • Health check-ups: At Mifa, we take the health of our employees seriously, offering check-ups to keep everyone in top condition.
  • Reduced strain, increased productivity: At Mifa, we reduce physical strain by embracing various work methods. A healthy body contributes to a productive work environment.

Based on these insights, Mifa has established a dedicated Vitality Committee. Together, we strive to be an example for other companies, placing the well-being of employees at the forefront.

The Vitality Committee of Mifa

The Vitality Committee is dedicated to further promoting the vitality of Mifa employees. Previously, there were individual activities such as participation in the Venloop, but since the committee’s establishment, various initiatives and activities have been systematically coordinated. The structure and dedication of the committee have led to a significant increase in participation at the Venloop: from 35 participants in 2022 to 200 participants in 2023, and currently, in 2024, we have an impressive 350 participants from Mifa! This is a fantastic example of a committed committee.

In addition to this running event, Mifa also offers other vitality initiatives, such as workplace fruit and running training. Moreover, various events are organized, including the Mifa x SV Venray company tournament. In doing so, Mifa not only prioritizes the health of its employees but also provides various opportunities for team building and enjoyment.

“Vitality brings our colleagues together.” – Leonie, member of the Vitality Committee

Towards an even more vital Mifa!

The Vitality Committee has ambitious plans for the future, including monthly beginner and advanced running sessions, as well as cycling activities. The Mifa x SV Venray company tournament is also scheduled for 2024, providing colleagues with the opportunity to participate in football tournaments against regional companies in the manufacturing industry, similar to the successful edition of last year.

These vital initiatives enable Mifa to establish itself as a vibrant company, actively engaging in the well-being of its employees. If you want to learn more about vitality at Mifa, feel free to contact our Vitality Committee.