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Mifa extrusion aluminium


Last month Mifa obtained the AS 9100 certification for the aerospace industry (also known as the EN 9100 certificate).

Mifa already provides manufacturers and suppliers in the aerospace industry throughout the world with their products. This market sets very strict requirements for the surface quality, strength of the material and the weight of the precision profiles. With our extensive selection of coatings, wide range of alloys and our lightweight profiles – wall thickness starting at 0.25 mm! – we fulfill all requirements. “It’s commonly known that safety and reliability are of the utmost importance in the aerospace industry.

There’s no other industry where such high requirements are set for manufacturers and suppliers. By obtaining the AS 9100 certificate, Mifa is given the confirmation that it’s production- and business systems meet the high quality standards that are necessary in the field of aviation and aerospace. A great reward and important milestone for Mifa and all employees who are working for this goal every day.” According to Managing Director Geert Smits.

With this achievement, Mifa became part of a small group of AS 9100 certified companies in the Netherlands.

The Urplug is an invention of MSc. Jaap van der Kamp. The Urplug is the alternative to the 'traditional' plug. With the Urplug you always have a suitable plug, which fits into any bore hole. This aluminum rod, with a thickness of 1.4 mm, is always the right solution!

Since Mifa specializes in  precision extrusion, MSc. Jaap van der Kamp contacted Mifa for the production of the aluminum Urplug.

Jaap van der Kamp: 
"This  extrusion technology was exactly what I needed for the Urplug. The aluminum is Urplug - with a 0.03 mm radius - on the limit of what is technically possible with precision extrusion." In addition, the extrusion technology of Mifa is particularly efficient in the production of small batches of 10 kg. This is possible because Mifa doesn't start with a block material, but straight ahead with a profile. This reduces the costs significantly because the die costs are relatively low. That way the costs for low volumes production, from 10 kg, are quickly recouped. The Urplug is a great solution for every handyman! Check the  website of the Urplug to find out more!

mifa venloop sponsor shirt

As from 2013 Mifa has become a special sponsor of the Venloop. The Venloop is an annual running event in Venlo which is organized in every March. This year the Venloop takes place on 23th and 24th of March. The track runs through the streets of Venlo. The track leads the runners over the atmospheric "Parade" and then finishes in front of the "Limburgs Museum". Besides the NC half marathon the Venloop also hosts a 10 km and 5 km run. One of the goals of the Venloop is to get kids into running; therefor various competitions, in different age categories are organized. The Venloop is all about enjoying and is well known for its cozy atmosphere. That's what makes the Venloop a very special sporting event to which Mifa loves to attach its name.

Several Mifa employees are participating in the 10 km and 21 km event. You will recognize them by following the shirts.

For more information about the Venloop see

Last autumn Mifa started the renovation of its headquaters at the Deltakade in Blerick. 
The renovation was necessary because the building didn't meet the needs anymore.
Besides that it didn't fit the image of a high technology supplier of aluminum precision products that we are. 
In the new building, our staff can proudly welcome visitors. The new entrance is located around the corner, with a beautiful view across the river Maas. 
The high ceilings and glass partitions in the office area make the whole spacious. The renovation is on schedule and the building looks beautiful. Below an overview of the renovation.

We expect the official opening of the building to take place in May 2013.
Attention: with the renovation we now took a new address in use, as follows!
Our new entrance is situated at the rear of the existing building.

Mifa Aluminium BV
Rijnaakkade 6
5928 PT Venlo, The Netherlands
Tel.: +31 (0) 77-389 88 88
Fax: +31 (0) 77-389 89 89
Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


mifa new office space mifa new office space mifa new office space
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