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The focus of the Mifa Masterclass 'Precision Extrusion' is on inspiration and knowledge. We are organizing the Mifa Masterclass especially for engineers and constructors in order to share our expertise on the possibilities of aluminium precision extrusion. We have noticed that general knowledge about precision extrusion and the possibilities that this involves is often very limited. We will discuss matters including:
• size tolerances from 0.02 mm upwards
• freedom of design
• extrusion as an alternative to other technologies

If you are looking to deepen and expand your professional expertise, a warm welcome awaits you at Mifa.
Programme for Mifa Masterclasses:
• 19 February, Dornbirn, Austria
• 29 April
• 29 October
• 25 November

Registration and location
You can register for the Mifa Masterclass by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or by telephoning Rob van Oene on +31 (0)77-389 88 88.

We develop client-specific profiles in collaboration with our clients. In various markets, such as machine building, aviation, the lighting industry, and medical equipment, we see a trend towards the miniaturization of extrusion profiles. The dimensions of the profiles are getting smaller and smaller. At the same time, the demand for more functionalities for those profiles is getting greater.

This miniaturization and increasing complexity of profiles bring about a great many challenges for builders and engineers. Mifa is able to extrude profiles as small as three grams per metre and with a high degree of complexity and accuracy (tolerances of ± 0.02 mm). Mifa is happy to utilize its expertise in order to develop the optimum profile for your sector.

Mifa co-engineers and produces completely finished precision aluminium profiles and we are AS9100 certified.

With her contribution "The Proof" Mifa wins the Materialica Design + Technology Award. Materialica is one of the world’s largest trade fairs for lightweight design for new mobility.
Every ounce counts!

Approximately 1 on 15 people in Europe need mobility tools to help them move around. The weight and convenience of these tools play a crucial role in their daily basic activities. The breakthrough in magnesium technology leads to a new generation of lightweight mobility products that are more comfortable and reduced in weight at least 35%. This also provides short-term possibilities for sport bikes, cars, aircraft and portable electronics.

Magnesium has the future
Magnesium is a very light material with good material properties for construction. Mifa joined forces with three other companies and tackeled the three major challenges for magnesium construction – corrosion, fire risks and distortion. Together they developed and produced a magnesium wheelchair - 35% lighter than a traditional aluminium wheelchair - for gold medalist wheelchair tennis Sharon Walraven, called “The Proof". This season Sharon Walraven already reached several finals - and even won a few- with this wheelchair.

For more information and a short film about "The Proof" see

8th November 2013, Mifa organizes the second Mifa Masterclass about aluminium precision extrusion in their new premises in Venlo. During this Masterclass we will discuss how to use the capabilities of precision extrusion with a group of engineers:
• dimensional tolerances from 0.02 mm;
• design freedom;
• extrusion as an alternative to other technologies.

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