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The Limburg Employers' Association (Limburgse Werkgeversvereniging, LWV) is looking for the most appealing employer in Limburg. Mifa is one of the candidates.

Mifa Aluminium is a technological front runner in its field of extrusion. We believe in the importance of innovation in the fields of the production processes, materials, and automation, amongst others. Our 220 employees share this belief. Under the motto ‘Experience Mifa,’ we have created an international high-tech working environment within which ambitious people can develop themselves. That is clear from the fact that various employees in managerial roles at Mifa once began here in junior roles. It was thanks to this ambitious high-tech working environment that Mifa won the prestigious international Materialica Design + Technology Award in 2013.

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On behalf of Mifa, we would like to thank you for your vote.

The April issue of the professional journal Constructeur has extensive coverage of Mifa's Magnesium Technology. Constructeur paid particular attention to the differences between magnesium and aluminium and how Mifa's production process is set up to extrude magnesium. Constructeur is the leading professional Dutch-language journal for engineers, mechanical engineering designers, and structural engineers; and covers a range of topics.

Click here to read the entire article. (in Dutch)

As from 2013 Mifa has become a special sponsor of the Venloop. The Venloop is an annual running event in Venlo which is organized in every March. This year the Venloop takes place on 29th and 30th of March. The track runs through the streets of Venlo.

The track leads the runners over the atmospheric "Parade" and then finishes in front of the "Limburgs Museum". Besides the half marathon the Venloop also hosts a 10 km and 5 km run. One of the goals of the Venloop is to get kids into running; therefor various competitions, in different age categories are organized. The Venloop is all about enjoying and is well known for its cozy atmosphere. That's what makes the Venloop a very special sporting event to which Mifa loves to attach its name.
Several Mifa employees are participating in the 10 km and 21 km event. You will recognize them by following the shirts..

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Geert Smits, Managing Director of Mifa Aluminium bv, and Sharon Walraven, Olympic champion in wheelchair tennis, signed a contract on Friday 14 February 2014 connecting Mifa to Sharon as her principle sponsor.

Why does an aluminium extrusion company decide to sponsor an Olympic champion?

Mifa is an aluminium precision extrusion company that develops and produces products for a variety of high-end clients. Mifa profiles are used in Porsches and on KTM motorbikes, for instance, as well as in various aircraft, including the Airbus.

Mifa is also able to produce magnesium profiles using the extrusion technology. These can be processed further, bent, welded, and coated. In this way, Mifa is able to produce lightweight components and even end products.

Approximately one in fifteen people in Europe require mobility aids in order to get around. The weight and ease of use of these aids have a crucial role in the daily activities of these people. Sharon Walraven is of course able to give us perfect advice in this process, and as an elite sportswoman she aims to achieve the very best.

Already a successful partnership

The cooperation already resulted in a number of success stories over the past year; Mifa won an award for the design of the magnesium wheelchair, and Sharon Walraven became Dutch doubles champion in that wheelchair.

We hope that the partnership will continue to bring great success in the future.

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