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On 1 July, Mifa was named the most attractive employer in Northern Limburg This title is a huge compliment for our high-tech organization, of which we are extremely proud. The competition for the Most Attractive Employer in Northern Limburg is organized by the Limburg Employers’ Association (Limburgse Werkgeversvereniging, LWV). The goal of the project is to attract, engage and utilize talent for Limburg. Votes could be cast for the most attractive employer for up-and-coming talents from 5 May to 16 June via a special website. We are extremely pleased with this fantastic title and would like to thank everyone who voted for us, including many of our own employees.

Development of technical talent
As a technological trendsetter in aluminium and magnesium extrusion, our goal is to develop and utilize the talents of our people to the fullest. This enables us to offer precision aluminium and magnesium profiles that very few other extrusion companies in the world can create. This precision and the know-how of our engineers offer our clients, among them Airbus, Porsche, Siemens, Thales and KTM, unprecedented possibilities to further develop their products.

Development opportunities
Mifa offers weekend jobs and work placements, primarily to higher professional education students of Mechanical Engineering, who are given complete responsibility for part of the production process. A large number of our employees began their career at Mifa in a junior role and have since progressed to management positions within Mifa or other companies within Aalberts, of which Mifa is a part. Aalberts NV is a listed organization of technical industrial companies.

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On 11 June 2014 Mifa gave a masterclass for 25 second-year students in the Mechatronics programme at Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Venlo. The focus of this Mifa Masterclass for students was inspiration and knowledge.

Mechatronics combines electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, and technical information science. The field addresses issues such as how to make appliances safer or more user-friendly. The various robot arms at Mifa are all operated by a motor and move independently. Without mechatronics, these robot arms wouldn't be able to exist, or they would be much more expensive.

Presentation on precision extrusion

After the students were welcomed, Frank Loobeek gave a technical presentation in which he talked about the various technologies within Mifa, including the possibilities for aluminium precision extrusion. Topics under discussion included:
• dimension tolerances from 0.02mm
• freedom of design
• extrusion as an alternative to other technologies

Afterwards, the students were given a tour of the production department in small groups. During the tour, particular focus was given to the eight robots in Extrusion and CNC Machining.

Mifa specializes in the extrusion of extremely accurate and complex profiles. Mifa often gets involved at an early stage in order to develop an optimum profile together with the client. Our extrusion presses allow us to extrude client-specific profiles for client-specific designs and client-specific volumes. We offer the service of progressing through the product life cycle together with the client:

• Prototypes;

• small-scale series production runs;

• full series production quantities.

Mifa also carries out supplementary machining work on the products. Within the machining department, there is a high degree of automation: many machines are loaded robotically. Generally speaking, people tend to think only of projects with enormous quantities of identical products when they think of an automated production process. Mifa in fact applies the automation philosophy in order to produce products flexibly, reproducibly, and in the best possible quality, from prototype to a whole series production run. Robotization is therefore definitely worthwhile for smaller series runs!

Coating an extrusion profile protects it against corrosion, improves its wear resistance, and reduces its friction drag, among other benefits.

In the design phase of a product, a lot of time and effort are put into thinking about the material, the shape, and the size of the product. The possibilities offered by a surface treatment often do not receive as much attention as they should. After all, a good coating means a better product.

Mifa offers 38 different surface treatments in its standard programme

We can apply a whole range of coatings to your products, such as a dry lubricating film, adhesive coatings, or anti-stick coatings. We can insulate products or increase their electrical conductivity. A surface treatment can give you a stronger product by improving its wear resistance or hardness. For certain applications, we use coatings which make products chemical resistant. No matter which coating you choose, a product with surface treatment is always more resistant to corrosion than an untreated product.

Customer-specific surface treatments

Our programme offers 38 different treatments. These are the standard processes on which different variants can be based. The variants are nearly always based on customer wishes.

Sometimes, if a customer-specific variant works well and gives a product a unique functionality, we add it to the standard programme.

Here are some examples of specific treatments which we can offer:

  • Gliss-coat

    This is a special anodizing process which creates very smooth layers with a low friction coefficient. This process is primarily used in the automotive industry.
  • UV-resistant anodized layer:

    This is a special anodizing process which creates a coloured layer which is resistant to UV damage and heat. This process is used in the electronics industry.
  • Selga-Chrom:

    This is a special selective hard chrome process in which a number of wear-resistant layers of chrome are applied in a very short time, so no emissions can take place which harm humans or the environment. This process is used in the automotive industry.
  • Lectrofluor 609FD:

    This is a special non-stick coating which is used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Are you curious about the potential which surface treatments may have for your product?

Feel free to get in touch with us. We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

You can reach us by telephone on +31 (0)77-389-88-88.

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