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Mifa extrusion aluminium


During Aalberts Industries' New Year's reception on 14 January 2015, Mifa Aluminium was presented with the bronze Aalberts Award 2015.

Mifa was announced as the winner by the Aalberts management board thanks to good results in 2014 along with the general developments within the company.
We are very proud of this result and hope to continue these developments in 2015, a special anniversary year for us.

Mifa is a subsidiary of Aalberts Industries. Aalberts Industries comprises more than 200 companies worldwide.

Extremely small gears. Sturdy connection profiles. Spaghetti-thin strips. Mifa is one of the few extrusion companies in the world that makes aluminium profiles with cross sections from 3 mm. While maintaining the wonderful properties of aluminium. And always to the Mifa standard: within 0.02 mm of accuracy.

Mifa is short for ‘mini fabrication’. It all started with miniature profiles in 1975. Since then we have acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience in the extrusion of small aluminium profiles. Combining this knowledge and experience with use of our smallest press, we can extrude profiles with a cross-section from 3 mm, wall thicknesses of 0.2 mm, and a weight from 3 grams per metre.

Why choose a miniature aluminium profile?

Miniature profiles are often used as an alternative to plastic. Aluminium has a number of excellent properties: it is stronger than plastic, so you can design thinner. This makes the construction lighter, on top of the fact that the material itself is very light. Aluminium is hard, never rusts, and is virtually immune to wear and tear. Moreover, aluminium conducts current – an important characteristic when used with electronics. Last but not least, aluminium looks wonderful, with its shiny, high-tech appearance.

Unmatched precision

Even for small profiles Mifa maintains a standard of plus or minus 0.02 mm accuracy. This is exactly the thickness of the aluminium foil you have at home in your kitchen drawer. In comparison: a hair on your head is approximately 0.05 mm, which is two and a half times as thick! Close tolerances are crucial when connections slide together or multiple layers must be mounted one on top of the other. This precision gives the designer the freedom to conceive without constraints. You can read more about the advantages of aluminium and extrusion in the Precision extrusionwhite paper.

Many different alloys

On our small press we mainly produce using the somewhat softer aluminium alloys, such as 3003, 6005A, 6060, 6061, 6063, and 6082. The choice of the alloy is important for optimum results. In aviation, for example, 6061 is often chosen due to the strength of the alloy. When the visual aspect is important, we are more likely to recommend a 6060 or 6063 alloy. With these alloys you sacrifice little in terms of strength, while you gain a better surface quality. If you would like to know more about the different alloys, please read the Materialswhite paper.

For whom?

Many of our miniature extrusion customers are active in the world of mobility. We produce parts for cars and aeroplanes – where precision is important and every gram of weight saving leads to a reduction in fuel consumption. Our constructions can be found in applications such as gearboxes, radiators, car roofs, and electronics enclosures. Many electronics companies also rely on our knowledge and expertise. Miniature aluminium profiles are used in products like printers, stair lifts, blow-dryers, and hair stylers – here it is mainly the chic look that is considered important. The same holds true for the strips we make for LED lighting.

Miniature extrusion facts

  • Cross-sections from 3 mm
  • Weight from 3 grams per metre
  • Wall thickness from 0.2 mm
  • Tolerances of +/-0.02 mm
  • Many different aluminium alloys

As a design engineer and/or technical purchaser you are always looking for inspiration to improve products. But who really inspired you in 2014?

We are not under the illusion that you immediately think of us at Mifa. However Mifa has developed many precision profiles in 2014. Profiles of aluminium or magnesium that make a product significantly better.

Are you curious about examples?

Let us inspire you or your team in 2015 at one of our Mifa Masterclasses or we can organize a Masterclass at your location. How? See here.

Experience it for yourself. Experience precision, experience the Mifa standard. Mifa wishes you a healthy and inspiring 2015.

Because of the Mifa precision, designers are able to ‘do their own thing’. On the drawing board they can virtually dispense with limitations or standard specifications as a result of which they have an enormous amount of design freedom and can create the optimum profile.

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