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Mifa/KNLTB wins prize at Sportinnovator 2017

The Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Association (KNLTB) can take the next step in developing more effective propulsion of the sports wheelchair used by wheelchair tennis players. It was announced at the Sportinnovator XL event that the KNLTB had won the Sportinnovator Prize for 2017.

Bending technology

Bending aluminium and magnesium profiles.

Mifa has three different bending machines in house. We use these machines to bend various aluminium and magnesium profiles for our customers. We are able to bend both simple and complex shapes, in 2D and 3D.

Mifa has developed a brand-new automated workcell for one of its leading clients in the automotive industry. This impressive workcell comprises eight line machines, four robots, and a monitoring station that controls the entire process. Thanks to the automation and robotization, our production costs are lower and we can guarantee a top-quality, stable production process, which is reassuring for our clients.

Rob van Oene became the new Managing Director of Mifa on 1 April this year. Rob had already been a member of the management team for seven years in his previous role as a Sales Director. Now he is in charge of that team. In the film below Rob discusses Mifa’s goals, some wonderful new technological developments, and Mifa’s desire to grow in tandem with its clients.

Aluminium extrusion for aerospace components

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Extensive range of alloys
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