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In the last few days we have received an increasing number of inquiries about possible effects of the corona virus COVID-19 outbreak on our production and supply of our products.

45 years ago in 1975, Jan Aalberts founded Mifa. At the time, aluminium extrusion was so unknown to the markets that Mifa was on the edge of bankruptcy after its first year in business. However, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. That definitely held true in Mifa’s case. Mifa’s ‘perform better every day’ helped it become a total supplier of profiles and components for a number of different markets.

FMB-Süd will open its doors for the third time. It is a trade fair that encompasses the entire mechanical engineering supply chain, including machine construction, metal processing, and robotics. FMB-Süd is for design engineers, product developers, and buyers. The trade fair is a cross-sector meeting point where designers, planners, and decision-makers can contact suppliers directly. Numerous domestic and international companies from the fields of mechanical engineering, electronics as well as automation and application technology will attend the trade fair.

In 2020, Mifa will be celebrating its 45th anniversary. Mr Jan Aalberts established Mifa in 1975, beginning precision extrusion in Europe. In the early days, it was not easy for Mifa to find clients, as precision extrusion was still an unknown concept.

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