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Mifa extrusion aluminium

Urplug, a revolutionary invention produced by Mifa

The Urplug is an invention of MSc. Jaap van der Kamp. The Urplug is the alternative to the 'traditional' plug. With the Urplug you always have a suitable plug, which fits into any bore hole. This aluminum rod, with a thickness of 1.4 mm, is always the right solution!

Since Mifa specializes in precision extrusion, MSc. Jaap van der Kamp contacted Mifa for the production of the aluminum Urplug.

Jaap van der Kamp: 
"This extrusion technology was exactly what I needed for the Urplug. The aluminum is Urplug - with a 0.03 mm radius - on the limit of what is technically possible with precision extrusion." In addition, the extrusion technology of Mifa is particularly efficient in the production of small batches of 10 kg. This is possible because Mifa doesn't start with a block material, but straight ahead with a profile. This reduces the costs significantly because the die costs are relatively low. That way the costs for low volumes production, from 10 kg, are quickly recouped. The Urplug is a great solution for every handyman! Check the  website of the Urplug to find out more!

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