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Growth and developments at Mifa in 2023

After a period with all kinds of restrictions due to Covid and despite all the perils going on in the world, our motivation was high to meet our customer's demand as much as possible.

Developments over the past year

We have not been sitting still. Facing a new beginning, Mifa-ST's office building has been completely renovated. Our employees can work in better facilities thanks to this beautiful building what is there. We can also welcome our customers here and offer an even better service.

We were also allowed to present our precision at trade fairs, and to our customers. After a few years, where communication had taken on a new meaning, we were allowed to travel the world again. Due to our international customer base, we were again allowed to visit our customers, and we were allowed to go to various trade fairs. Be sure to keep an eye on our channels for the trade shows coming up in 2023.

Last November, the annual audit took place, where we were once again allowed to verify our quality. The AS 9100 quality certification for supply to the aerospace industry was obtained again. In addition, the ISO 14001 environmental certificate was obtained last October. What previously only applied to Mifa Surface Treatment, now applies to the whole of Mifa. We as Mifa are extremely proud of these fine achievements.

Naturally, we have not been idle when it comes to sustainability either. Besides making our production more sustainable, we can also help customers reduce their footprint with our thin-walled extrusion profiles. Saving weight also results in substantial savings in the CO2 footprint. Sustainability has many possibilities, so contact us to see what we can do for you.

A new, more precise year

Last year we worked on a technical showpiece: an additional extrusion press for smaller sizes. This is the fifth press in its family at Mifa. This press is going to ensure that we can develop more in precision profiles. We are wrapping up the testing phase, where we will soon enter the production phase.

We aim to continuously improve. Thus, through a new Academy manager, we are going to further establish and expand our internal training programme. We will do this not only for our current colleagues, but also for our new employees. Mifa continues to grow, and so has our workforce by more than about 12%. Personal development and commitment are key here.

Not only will our workforce and production expand, we are also working on a logistics plan to realise our future growth, supported by the right techniques in the broadest sense of the word. This is where we join all our forces together, to achieve a beautiful end product together.

We would like to thank our customers for the opportunities they have given us in the past year. This allows us to grow together in the new year. We wish everyone the best for 2023!

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