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Mifa extrusion aluminium

Certainty in uncertain times

These are turbulent and uncertain times. We are dealing with a situation that no one has ever experienced and we do not yet know exactly what the consequences will be. However, we have been able to learn from previous crises that technological innovations and financial stability can make a difference in these challenging times!

As part of Aalberts, Mifa is an extremely financially stable party but above all a technological leader in the field of precision extrusion, machining and coating. We like to share this knowledge with our customers. Fortunately, this can be done by visiting each other or - where it is not possible - to meet online. To do this, feel free to contact us.

Responsible for entire profile or component

Mifa specialises in the extrusion of magnesium profiles and aluminium profiles. We produce fully-finished precision products with dimensional tolerances from ±0.02mm.

Thanks to our combination of precision extrusion, machining, surface treatment, and assembly, we can reduce total production time. Since we produce the whole component, we also assume responsibility for the components we deliver.

Investments in technology and production capacity

Mifa is part of the stocklisted company Aalberts. As part of Aalberts, we have continuously invested in the latest new technologies and increased production capacity in the field of surface treatment and machining. For example, AHC Benelux Venlo is a part of Mifa since 2019 and we have invested in an automatic dryer in the line, new paint cabs and we expect to obtain the Nadcap certificate in early 2021.

These expansions and investments have enabled us to take on total production and ensure a fast delivery. In this way we want to offer you certainty. Security to make technological progress together and produce high-quality and sophisticated profiles and products that make a difference to you and your customers.

Aluminium extrusion for aerospace components

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