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Mifa extrusion aluminium

Mifa’s 45th anniversary in 2020

45 years ago in 1975, Jan Aalberts founded Mifa. At the time, aluminium extrusion was so unknown to the markets that Mifa was on the edge of bankruptcy after its first year in business. However, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger. That definitely held true in Mifa’s case. Mifa’s ‘perform better every day’ helped it become a total supplier of profiles and components for a number of different markets.

A brief look at our history:

1975   Founding of Mifa in Reuver with the purchase of the first press by Jan Aalberts

mifa aluminium

1981   Purchase of the second press and start of in-house milling
1981   Founding of Aalberts N.V.
1984   Mifa moves from Reuver to Blerick
1984   Purchase of the third press
1986   Working for the aviation industry
1987   Launch of Mifa coatings
1993 + 1995   Flooding of the Meuse river, partially submerging the Mifa premises
1996   Launch of automatic coating line
2000   25-year anniversary
2005   Purchase of the fourth press
2014   Mifa’s big renovation and construction of new head office
2019   AHC Venlo joins Mifa under the name: Mifa Surface Treatment


Aluminium extrusion for aerospace components

Mifa Aerospace

Vertical integration
Extensive range of alloys
Quality assurance AS

Mifa Aerospace