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‘New’ press 6 at Mifa

Opening of the Production halls and Extrusion Press

Last year a lot of work has been done by our colleagues and partners to limit the impact on our customers of last years’ fire in August. The affected production halls have been rebuilt and the large extrusion press has been repaired and considerably improved.

On Friday 5 July 2019, we officially opened the new production halls and extrusion press with a fantastic laser show about Mifa.

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‘New’ press 6

In August, test presses took place on the significantly improved 'new' press 6. These test presses and tests are progressing well, and from now on, the first production billets are pressed again.

Just one year after the fire, all the presses will be back in full production just, and we have invested heavily in other areas to meet the demands of the market.


If you have any questions or would like to receive more information, please contact us.

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