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ALUMINIUM, the world's leading trade fair for the aluminium industry, which was to take place in Düsseldorf from 6 to 8 October, has been postponed to 18 to 20 May 2021 due to the serious consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic. This would have been a great moment to show the whole industry what we are capable of.

In recent years we have increased considerably in capacity. We don't just want to let you know about that, we also want to show it to you. That's why we have created an online tour.

We were founded exactly 45 years ago by Mr. Jan Aalberts and at the time we were unique in what we do: precision extrusion. We are proud to say that we are Aalberts' very first company and that now, 45 years later, we are still unique in what we do. As an company that is part of Aalberts, Mifa is an extremely financially stable party.

At Mifa we find the environment is extremely important. Mifa Surface Treatment has been ISO 14001 certified for a long time, but it does not stop there. At Mifa, we take action to reduce our ecological footprint.

These are turbulent and uncertain times. We are dealing with a situation that no one has ever experienced and we do not yet know exactly what the consequences will be. However, we have been able to learn from previous crises that technological innovations and financial stability can make a difference in these challenging times!

Mifa Aerospace

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Mifa Aerospace