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Mifa celebrates its 45th anniversary in 2020

In 1975, 45 years ago, Jan Aalberts founded Mifa. Precision aluminum extrusion was so unknown in the market at that time that a year later, Mifa was almost bankrupt. But, as the saying goes, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. This was certainly the case for Mifa. With the mentality of ‘perform better every day,’ Mifa evolved into a total supplier of profiles and components for various markets.

A historical overview in brief:

  • 1975 – Establishment of Mifa in Reuver with the 1st press by Jan Aalberts
  • 1981 – Commissioning of the 2nd press and the start of in-house machining
  • 1981 – Establishment of Aalberts N.V.
  • 1984 – Relocation of Mifa from Reuver to Blerick
  • 1984 – Commissioning of the 3rd press
  • 1986 – Venturing into the aviation sector
  • 1987 – Launch of Mifa Coatings
  • 1993 & 1995 – Maas River flooding, partially submerging Mifa
  • 1996 – Launch of automatic coating line
  • 2000 – 25th anniversary
  • 2005 – Commissioning of the 4th press
  • 2014 – Major renovation of Mifa with a new headquarters
  • 2019 – AHC Venlo becomes part of Mifa, named Mifa Surface Treatment


Perform better every day

Now, 45 years later, we, along with 500 employees, develop more than 12,000 different precision profiles and complete components annually for over 1,000 customers.

At Mifa, it’s no longer just about precision extrusion. Over the years, we have become a total supplier for our customers. In-house, we handle:

  • Aluminum precision alloys
  • Surface treatment
  • Machining
  • Assembly
  • Bending
  • Masking
  • Laser processing
  • Adhesive bonding
  • Hermetic sealing, and more


Co-engineering: Our knowledge = Your knowledge

Our engineers are eager to collaborate with you in the design process. They understand the technology, aluminum alloys, and the possibilities. We are asked to participate in high-tech projects for clients from Northwestern Europe to the United States and Southeast Asia. The advice of our engineers contributes to an optimal end product that provides functionality and reproducibility. Collaboration often leads to innovative solutions and cost reduction.


45 Years: Let’s Celebrate

In September 2020, we will celebrate our exact 45th anniversary. And we plan to celebrate! We will organize special anniversary masterclasses for designers and open our factory, featuring new halls, office buildings, extrusion presses, and CNC machines, for guests