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Mifa extrusion aluminium

Mifa has been AS9100 certified for the aerospace industry

Mifa produces high quality extrusion profiles for customers such as B/E, Diehl, EADS, Thales, and many others. To do this, we not only carry out a process control but also a strict product control.

Thanks to its AS 9100 certification, Mifa attracts many aerospace customers

Mifa possesses the AS 9100 quality certification for the aerospace industry. This certification is also known by the name 'EN 9100'. Mifa supplies constructors and suppliers in the aviation and aerospace industry worldwide. This market sets stringent requirements for the quality of the surface, the strength of the material, and the weight of the precision profiles. Thanks to our extensive range of coatings, our variety of aluminium and magnesium alloys, and our lightweight extrusion profiles with wall thicknesses from 0.25 mm, we meet all the requirements. With its AS 9100 certification, Mifa confirms that its production and business systems meet the demanding quality standards for the aerospace industry.

100% aerospace proof

Precision has many advantages, of which the biggest is the enormous amount of freedom in construction. Asymmetrical shapes are no problem, just like varying and very thin walls. Even the most complicated constructions are possible. And post-processing is rarely necessary, seeing as we deliver precision. This eliminates the need for grinding, milling, and other operations, as well as extra costs. Another advantage of aluminium is that you can go thinner than with plastic as aluminium is a stronger material. It is also light, does not rust, and is good looking, with its high-tech gleaming look. If we need to do some post-processing, a surface treatment, or assembly after all, we can often do those things in house.

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Multi-core profiles

Cores or holes. They can be necessary for the profile's function, or useful for reducing the weight. Mifa excels at extruding complex profiles with many small cores.

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