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Mifa extrusion aluminium


Mifa produces high-quality extrusion profiles that we subject to process control and stringent product control.

AS 9100 certification

Mifa is a AS 9100 certified company for the aviation- and aerospace industry (also known as the EN 9100 certificate).

Mifa provides manufacturers and suppliers in the aerospace industry throughout the world with their products. This market sets very strict requirements for the surface quality, strength of the material and the weight of the precision profiles. With our extensive selection of coatings, wide range of aluminium- and magnesium alloys and our lightweight extrusion profiles – wall thickness starting at 0.25 mm! – we fulfill all requirements.

By obtaining the AS 9100 certificate, Mifa is given the confirmation that it’s production- and business systems meet the high quality standards that are necessary in the field of aviation and aerospace.

You can download our certifications here:



  • We subject our products to the following inspections:
  • Dimensional inspection
  • Chemical analysis of materials and coatings
  • Mechanical tests, such as hardness and tensile strength
  • CMM measurements
  • Fluorescent penetrant inspection
  • X- Ray
  • Salt Spray tests


Surface quality requirements

We determine the surface quality requirement in consultation with our clients. We have our own quality classification for visible surfaces.

Download the overview of quality requirements here:


Environmental statements

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