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Mifa Surface Treatment

The AHC location in Venlo becomes part of Mifa

As of June 1, 2019, the Venlo branch of AHC Benelux B.V. has formally merged with Mifa. The new name is Mifa Surface Treatment. Thanks to this merger, Mifa is even better equipped to achieve its ambitious growth plans. With the knowledge and capabilities of Mifa Surface Treatment, Mifa can better serve its customers in the field of surface treatment. Mifa aims not only to develop and produce profiles for its customers but also to provide a complete product. Now that Mifa Surface Treatment is part of Mifa, we have many more possibilities in this regard.


Mifa Surface Treatment

Mifa Surface Treatment has fully automated production lines and can collaborate with its customers on a technological level. Mifa Surface Treatment provides mechanical, electrochemical, and galvanic surface treatments. Additionally, Mifa Surface Treatment can assist with polymer layers based on dip, spray, and powder coating processes, as well as priming/wet painting. This combination of services is unique within one company, and we take pride in that.



Mifa Surface Treatment is ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. Like Mifa, Mifa Surface Treatment also holds the AS9100 certificate. The aerospace market imposes strict requirements on the quality of surface treatments. With the AS9100 certificate, Mifa Surface Treatment confirms that its production and business systems meet all quality standards for all markets.


A bright future

Mifa Surface Treatment receives immediate support from various departments of Mifa and technical assistance to optimize machines and processes. As part of Aalberts, we have the ability to invest in the latest technologies in Surface Treatment. More information on this front will follow. In the relatively short term, the construction of entirely new offices will also commence.

If you would like more information about the above message or the capabilities of Mifa Surface Treatment, please feel free to contact us.