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Other Techniques

Mifa prefers to take responsibility from start to finish when it comes to the development and production of aluminium and magnesium profiles. Our specific knowledge and experience with precision extrusion, surface treatment, machining, and all the other processes result in an optimum product. And, of course, transparency for you as a customer.

This is why we also perform other processes in-house, such as assembly, bending, sealing, soldering, welding, and masking. With our knowledge and experience, we know how to apply the right technology for each product.


Choosing the right adhesive is a speciality in its own right; there are hundreds of different types. The adhesive that bonds the best for the application you have in mind depends on many factors, such as the material, required strength, temperature at which the product is used, necessary electrical conductivity, etc. We have the expertise regarding selecting the right adhesive.


Welding is specialist work, and many variables affect the quality. There are also various welding techniques, such as MIG/MAG, TIG, electric arc, and electron beam welding. Each technique has its own advantages and disadvantages. Our specialists choose the best possible technology for the application.

marking, engraving, and laser marking

We mark, engrave, or laser components with type numbers, serial numbers, and other information needed to trace the product’s origin. More commercial markings, such as names, logos, or a QR code, can often also be applied if desired.


Proper bending of aluminium and magnesium requires specific knowledge of the material. The phase in the process in which the material is bent is also crucial to the final result, right after pressing or only after hardening, for example. There are many techniques for bending, such as roll forming, press (brake) bending, swivel bending, deep drawing, stretch forming, and 3D bending.


When a surface treatment will be applied to an aluminium or magnesium product, pre-treatment may be necessary to achieve the desired result or to give it an extra attractive or special appearance. At Mifa we have a thorough command of processes such as deburring, grinding, and brushing. We achieve the best results by properly matching the pre- and post-treatment.

In addition to the previously mentioned processes, there are also other techniques we can apply as needed. If we do not have a speciality in-house, we find the necessary expertise elsewhere. Are you interested in what we can do for you? Feel free to stop by at Mifa or attend one of our masterclasses.

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