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What started with a small extrusion press 40 years ago is now a large modern machine shop in which we manufacture a fully-finished and complete product. For clients Mifa is therefore a one-stop-shop for precision extrusion, machining, surface treatment and assembly. If we don’t have a specific technique in house then we engage the expertise of others. Even in that case, as a client you therefore only have one point of contact: Mifa.

Magnesium is the future! Especially now that Mifa has the in-house expertise to produce a wide range of magnesium components that are resistant to corrosion.

Many engineers are unaware that precision extrusion can offer huge advantages over many alternative techniques such as machining, roll forming, and milling. We're pleased explain how this technique could improve your product or production process and why it will often save you time and money!

Read on and we’ll set out how aluminium precision extrusion can help you optimize your product.

For specific precision products Mifa also has other techniques in house, such as mechanical fixing, bonding, soldering, welding, hermetic sealing, application of protective foil, bending, masking and painting.

In our Assembly department we assemble components into semi-finished or complete products.

Surface treatments improve the components. They increase protection against corrosion, improve wear resistance and reduce friction. Coatings can also be used for aesthetic purposes.

Mifa is the specialist when it comes to machining aluminium and magnesium profiles.

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